no plantiginea?

jan_on zone 5bFebruary 10, 2013

I've just been re-enjoying the 'P' thread and was surprised to notice that only moccasin posted a pic of plantiginea. I thought that was a really common one that most everyone had, and that there would be lots of photographic evidence of the large flowers. I just bought one last October and it wasn't photo worthy. So - where are they??

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I was surprised as well. I thought they'd be almost as common as 'Royal Standard'. Boy was I wrong!

Don B.

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Ask and you shall is my plantaginea:

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And what a beauty it is! I've got plantaginea and 'Aphrodite' coming this spring...Anyone have more pics? Anyone? Bueller?

Don B.

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Wow, I wished I had known you wanted Aphrodite. I would have sent you mine. My plantaginea turned out to be Aphrodite. The flowers don't open. I don't think I'm like Mr, Banyan, I'm not willing to wait for 20 years for a plant to bloom. I have no patience. I'm like Bernd, I want to enjoy it in this lifetime.

However, I still want a plantaginea. I checked with Chris. He's not going to have any this year. I'm a little gun shy since my last one turned out to be Aphrodite.


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Thats OK, bkay, thanks anyway....I hope mine is inclined to bloom. Kinda makes those double-blossoms claims useless if not.

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

Bkay, I moved my hosta 'Aphrodite' into several hours of midday sun and it bloomed with 1 1/2 blooms in the second year I have it, so there is hope. I will move a 'Guacamole' next to it for company at the gate of my backyard. I also bought a 'Holy Mole' for another sunny spot. 'Avocado' is in another sunny spot, life is good.

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Oh dear, never realized that I was the only member to post a Mama plantaginea on the Alphabet thread.

Berndny, you will enjoy the children of Mama, most of mine were around only part of 2012 and got very full and bloomed as well. I was pleased to see how nicely Fragrant KING did too.

I always keep a copy of Don Rawson's Fragrant Hosta list beside me when I look for new hosta. And these days, Bob Solberg has a few new fragrant offerings, and some other nurseries do as well.

My first fragrant hosta was the species back in May 2010, and it bloomed up in Massachusetts that year. AWESOME size blooms too! She is the basis of my fragrant may say "collection" but I don't feel that I'm a real collector. I look for what I like and can grow with some hope of success. That means, based on what I've read about plantaginea, choosing species/varieties tolerant of my climate, and hopefully thriving in it too.

I'll see if there is a different photo to share. I get confused sometimes.

Decided to get more more more.

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lupinguy(s ontario)

I'm on my phone right now but I will post a few when I am on my computer! its one of the few hostas I own that are mature!

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