gasoline weed killer

swflagrdnrAugust 8, 2009

Hi guys - crazy question here:

I have a massive square foot area of weeds that need to be killed. Roundup, even when bought by the dry packet at the commerical landscapers store and mixed by oneself is prohibitively expensive for me, especially because I have to buy bottled water to mix it (it does not mix with my ultra hard and alkaline well water).

Anyway, I tried using gasoline in my sprayer and it worked great. The nice thing about gasoiline is that it only takes a little on the leaves to kill the plant. I don't want to have to use a lot and thereby poison the soil (actually its mulch) so using the sprayer works great.

Unfortunately the gasoline "melts" the plastic components of my sprayer, gums it up and it quickly stopped working.

So: does anyone else know of any way to dispense gasoline as a weed killer? Using a watering can would probably dump too much on the plant and get into the soil, which I would rather not do.

Also: I do not wish to be lectured by anyone about the fire danger (that's obvious) or how my methods are not organic (that's also obvious) but if anyone does have experience doing this, I would be interested in hearing about "your mileage"


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Yes, the question is crazy BUT the person asking it is crazier!
How about this: it's against the law
How about this?: it's against the law for me to tell you how to break the law.

Geez, you might want to rethink ths whole gas thing.

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How about using a flame thrower instead ? Perfectly legal and highly effective . Uses propane cartridges . Great way to start a fire in a firepit too . Of course , you would follow all the rules and check with the Fire Department - right ?

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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

Swflagrner, Instead of using gas, have you tried the newpaper and mulch or corrigated boxes with mulch? This year has been bad for weeds IMOP, but don't use gas, it poisins you ground. I'm not getting on you behind but you knew better or you wouldn't be asking. Hope I gave you a better way to do your weed patrol?

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Wow... talk about lazy gardening. What do you hope to grow in your poisoned field? Food for your family?

I wonder what that will do to your well water. And your neighbors....

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Actually, you can get pretty good weed death by covering your area with rolled plastic from HD. A huge roll is about $30.00

You will need to weigh it down. The sun should cook most everything in several weeks.

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happy_girl(Z9 st. cloud)

O.K. so round-up doesn't mix with your hard well water. Wouldn't it be much more simple to treat a couple of gallons (or ever how much you need) of this water with a softening agent so it will mix? Sure would be the way to go for me.

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Is this a serious question or a joke? I hope you are joking because believe me what you suggest is not going to be good for anyone including you.

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Thanks for your responses.

I dont want to burn the weeds because there are some plants nearby that I don't want charred. Plus, I am afraid that it will just grow back from the roots. Thanks for the constructive suggestion, however.

Unfortunately my weeds have sprouted up into a little meadow, so laying plastic on top is impractical since somce of the weeds are 2-3 feet high. Again, thanks for the constructive suggestion.

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Why don't you mow the "meadow" and then put down the plastic?

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Clear plastic sheeting works better for solarization than black plastic . Doesn't make sense but the clear works better . Mow very low and then leave the plastic on for 6 weeks or more . Cooks the dickens out of weeds and even kills nematodes . It's worth a try !

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I don't think that the poster was serious with this question. Anyone who has lived in Florida for more than a few weeks knows that our drinking water is supplied by an aquifier that is just a few feet under the surface. Just a few drops of gasoline spilled on the ground can contaminate wells for several hundred feet. I am especially careful when pouring gasoline into lawn equipment and immediately wipe up any spills. Herbicides such as Roundup breakdown into natural components and don't cause permanent damage.

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