Canned squash - quality?

alabamanicole(7b)August 13, 2012

I normally just store butternut squashes as-us, but my butternut squash has succumbed to SVB with only a couple of fruits fully mature; the rest of skins which aren't hard enough to survive cool storage long. I have a garden cart load full that I need to preserve very soon.

In the past I have frozen butternut puree, but freezer space is at a premium right now and I'm going to have to fine room for a half of pork in a couple of months. Plus cubes of butternut would be a nice addition to soups, so I'm thinking of pressure canning the cubes per the Ball recipe.

I would like some feedback on how the end product turns out months later. Is it watery? And is there any firmness left in the cubes after that long processing time?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I think it is going to depend on how you use it after opening. We do Kuri Red and Butternut canned in chunks (not cubes) and then boil and puree it after opening, just like making mashed potatoes. Tastes just like fresh mashed squash. Wife has also used it in various baked squash casseroles with great results.


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So in your experience, Dave, it's not mushy right out of the can? Good to know.

Thanks for the feedback.

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