Hoya not blooming

Seamer1(z7 IL)January 31, 2013

I have a Hoya that was a start from my MIL. I have no idea what kind it is, but the leaves have spots. I can not get the plant to bloom. It gets leaves quite often. It gets indirect light in the afternoon. any tips to make it bloom?

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Is it possible to post a picture? ~ Mary

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Your plant is most likely a Hoya carnosa but there is a chance it is something else. Are the leaves dark green? Many people grow this plant because it looks great with those deep green leaves but to flower you need to provide bright light. A medium green leaf colour is a good indication that the plant is getting enough light. What is the direction the window faces and how far is your plant from the window? Are there blinds on the window?


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Seamer1(z7 IL)

The green is fairly dark. It is a foot or so from the window. I do have blinds, but they are closed only at night.
I have no idea how to download a picture.

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