Jelly using store-bought juice & NS pectin

2ajsmamaAugust 4, 2011

Experimented today. 2C blueberry black currant juice with 2T NS pectin and 2C sugar. I was a little afraid of boiling it too long with just the juice and pectin, so just brought it to a good (but not what I'd call a rolling) boil, then added the sugar and boiled hard 1 minute per directions. I took it off the heat and by the time I got 2 jars out of the preheated canner it was forming a skin on top! Ladled in into the jars are quickly as I could but by the 3rd (last) jar it was getting a little clumpy (I had too little headspace in that last jar so just capped it with a Classico lid and will refrigerate.

Processed 10 min, left in canner 5 min. We'll see how it sets.

Any way to get it to NOT skin over immediately? Did I boil it too hard (definitely not too long)? Should I get the jars out onto the counter and funnel in the first one before I even take the pan off the heat?

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