My day got 11 times happier!

tigerdawn(7)January 7, 2013

My order from Joni arrived today! Sorry for the picture quality; I was in a hurry.

Hoya flavida

H. finlaysoniae

H. pallilimba

H. incrassata

H. imperialis 'Mosaic'

H diversifolia ssp. el-nudicus

H. pottsii

H. sp. Phillippines

H. parasitica albomarginate

H. kenejiana

H. pubicalyx 'Black Dragon'

Here's everybody in the plant shelf.

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Wow!! TD those look great! Lucky you!! I hope your new babies settle in well. They are gorgeous.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

What great looking plants, I especially like your black dragon.

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Wow, such a terrific group of plants! Congratulations! No wonder you are so happy. :) :)

You know, I have to say I love that Joni goes to the trouble of sending proper plant labels in addition to the yellow ones on the sides of the pots (which sometimes develop adhesion problems). I never asked her about it, but I bet she goes that extra step to help encourage diligent labeling and tracking in our community. I know if I were a vendor, it would drive me crazy thinking about all my careful work to keep my plants straight being flung right out the window. ;)

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Absolutely beautiful and I can tell they are already happy with you:-=)


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Nice collection, but I never had any luck with Joni's hoyas, so I won't be ordering from her again. I'm sure yours will do just fine, they look really nice.

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That's odd. I love her Hoyas! I've only ever lost a couple and they were my fault.

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Beautiful plants.

    Bookmark   May 17, 2013 at 8:45PM
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