Tampa Bay - Best Nurseries / Garden Supply

sweetmonkeycheese(z9 Tampa)August 3, 2014

I was just wondering if any of the Tampa Bay people had any recommendations for Local nurseries/plant store/garden supply?

(it would be helpful to indicate - Tampa, clearwater, St. pete, ect)

I am in Tampa, North Tampa to be exact and I have started going to a place called Annies Garden Shed just inside Lutz - cute, small, I think the prices of plants are good/ competitive. It is great b/c it is close to the house, and is small w/ a pretty set up so it is "inspiring" and not overwhelming for a newbie.

At Val's Baskets / home decor I got some decent size ceramic pots for 9.99 (the normal everyday price) the size that is normally 20-25 at like lowes - the down size, only a few colors to pick from.

I'd love to hear about other bay area places. And if ya know where to get ceramic pot for cheap please share! I am hoping once the weather is a little nicer I can check out some garage sales and score some pots.

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I used to live in Tampa and the best nursery around was the Green Thumb on Sheldon Rd. I miss it so much.

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I'll mention two. One is Treemart ... just north of Fowler & North Nebraska Av. The good is that they have a fairly extensive inventory of plants and for the most part, reasonable prices. They have some plants, routinely that you will not easily find anywhere else. (Plus all the common things.) But there is a down side in that it may take some hunting once you arrive on the property. Things are not laid out in an easy-to-find way. In fact, I've found gems that are absolutely buried in the back in places there is no logical reason why they would be there. In general, the place seems disorganized. Then, they have many "leftover" -- a nice way of saying half-dead and weedy plants -- mixed in with the good. So it does take some hunting. Another thing to watch out for there is annuals. Some, chronically, have root rot. You just need to know what you're after and know how to recognize quality and you can come out well. One other thing, many plants are not labeled or priced. Depending on who you ask, you will get different prices, so they have not quite got their act together on modern retail practices. If they would come into the modern world it could be a really good place! Being oriented toward a wholesale clientele, they are good for larger material, including a fairly good selection of palms.

Another retail garden center that's notable is Kerby's in Brandon. Unlike Treemart, every "blooming" aspect of retail marketing is well thought out. Everything is organized in a logical manner that is pleasing to walk through. Everything is grouped together so you can find what you're looking easily. It's not messy. There are no weeds. You can walk everywhere without getting stabbed or soaked or stepping in a puddle. (They have a nice boardwalk that sweeps through the place (though it's time for a few repairs.). And there is a tremendous variety of plant material, all of which is clearly labeled and priced. They don't usually stock material as large as what Treemart would carry, though. And they don't cater to the wholesale market. The downside of Kerby's is price. They are a couple of bucks higher than most everywhere else, but then, the plants are quality and they eliminate many problems that other garden centers have so it is a fair balance and they often have that weird thing you might be looking for and can't find anywhere else. They are geared toward serious gardeners. And their staff seem knowledgeable. They are like the "Publix" of garden centers. (BTW, catty-corner, across the street is a modest sized, generic, Mexican hole-in-the-wall garden center (who's name I do not know) that is hit or miss. It's a bit messy, but they have some serious gems I've never seen anywhere before mixed among their more common offerings. It's infested with plants of all kinds, some interesting and unusual. If you want to peruse and explore it is worth a stop. They carry some medium size material on the far side of the parking lot.

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Here in St Pete, I love Kathy's Korner, on Haines Road and 61-62 Ave. North.... they have just expanded onto 62 Ave.the whole corner with Haines rd. and now have Mexican pottery and garden furniture there as well as plants.. in the old part of the nursery on 61 Ave.and Haines Rd. they have the orchids and green-house and the smaller trees, across the street on Haines Road they have a larger tree nursery w/palms... they are a great couple and put their hearts into their work, I go every chance I get....LOL, sally

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

Thanks for posting these garden store gems. My husband loves to "take a ride" and I love gardening. As I come across recommendations such as these, I enter and save them into an older GPS program I have.

Then, no matter which direction we're headed, I open the laptop, start the program, and can easily see the nursery/garden centers along our path. We've made quite a few stops at Kerby's but the others are new to me.

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

If you're going to make a road trip to Kathy's Korner, since these are close by you should also check out:

Willow Tree on 49th St.
Carroll's on 38th Ave N.

A little farther away but if you have the time:

Hazel's on Darthmouth Ave. N

Also, if by chance you make your own potting soil Treemart carries pine fines in the 2CF bag, and Shell's Feed Store a few miles south of Treemart carries dolomite pellets in the 50lb bag, and coarse perlite in the 4CF bag.


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sweetmonkeycheese(z9 Tampa)

Great tips, Thanks!

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i second Green Thumb on Sheldon. Everyone there is so knowledgeable!

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I am located in Pinellas and looking for nurseries that sell vegetable plants at a better price than Lowes or HD. Any ideas?

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

I am located in Pinellas and looking for nurseries that sell vegetable plants at a better price than Lowes or HD. Any ideas?

Willow Tree sells tomato and pepper four-pack seedling sets for $1.49, could have gone up a little by now but probably not much. Not sure where you live but most independent nurseries do this, far better prices than the big-box, who occasionally bring in seedling sets but make much more money on the quart-sized plants and couldn't care less about giving you the most bang for buck when it comes to veggies.


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Thanks for the info. I am in Clearwater just off of Gulf to Bay and Keene.

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

I am in Clearwater just off of Gulf to Bay and Keene.

Find local independent nurseries and call them and ask, you'll find them somewhere close by.


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SMC, the next time you to Annies head on up 41, go a couple more miles and cross 54 in Land O Lakes . Dunchons is 2 blocks up on the right.
Far the best nursery in that area. Lots of eye candy.

Then when you come back south,
stay in you right hand lane - it turns in to Dale Mabry.
Turn right(west) on County Line Road
and you'll find Hollies Farm and Garden.

Also USF Botanical Gardens has pretty good plant sales.
Next one is Oct 11 & 12
Good Luck.........cheryl

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sweetmonkeycheese(z9 Tampa)

Ohhh yacheryl , Thanks!

I cant wait for the weather to cool a little, it has been so hot I have not been out in the yard the past 2 weekends.

so now the only question I have to ask myself...go alone so I can look for as long as I want, or turn it into a lil date trip and bring hubby aka promise him lunch if he comes along. lol.

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Clwgardener, re cheaper veggies: Students at PTEC (Pinellas Technical Center) on 16th St S in St Pete grow plants and sell them to public, unadvertised, year 'round (I've been told .... anyone go there in 2014?) A school closer to you may do so, too. Call.

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There is a fantastic backyard (but large!) nursery specializing in fruit, called Dee's Trees in Seffner (a bit east of Tampa). Great place. Mostly 3 gallon and up.

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