Some from July and some from August

celeste(zone 4 NH)August 17, 2014

Still trying to catch up! The blooms are winding down here but not the pictures I took....I have tons more.












NOID from Smokey's


MORE OF STARGATE PORTAL....because it's that pretty





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sherrygirl zone5

Love stargate portal also! I am a fan of Country Pride too! I like the doubles but dont t see too many fans of them on the forum. Get it? Lol. Things seem to serious here sometimes. Have a hard time appreciating daylies with so many teeth they dont open correctly. That just seemsi like natures booboo, just shouldnt be.


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Nancy zone 6

You started right off with Hush Little Baby, one of my favorites here. You just can't beat that color. Stargate Portal is my favorite of your group, but so many nice plants. Great shot of Destined to See with the daisies. DESERT ICICLE is a really nice looking daylily, really like the curls. Your lilies are beautiful.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

O M G> gorgeous blooms.I always know I am in for a treat when I see you have posted again:)STARGATE PORTAL is such a beauty.That Double sure is pretty. just don't see many doubles that really are pretty.Those lilies are gorgeous, too.HUSH LITLE BABY is so pretty, too.I am about to wear out the page, scrolling up and down looking, over and beautiful.Thank you for posting these beautiful photos for all of us to injoy..How about ZEUS? is he doing ok today?


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Very nice pics of Desert Icicle and Destined to See. Always like to see multiples. Lady Liz here has always been a weak grower.

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Julia NY(6)

Wonderful group of photos. What amazes me is the ability of your daylily blooms to open fully given your zone. Have you not had the up and down of cooler temps this summer?
I've enjoyed viewing all your posts.


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Maryl zone 7a

You have just posted my favorite orange colored daylily: Bittersweet Destiny. Its color compliments just about everything and I haven't seen any other daylily that matches that "bittersweet" coloration. Good Photo of it.........Then there's Hush Little Baby. What a charmer....That Noid from Smoky's has a neat form with those corduroy petals and the soft pinkish cantalope color looks good too. Wonder what it is?...Everything's lovely as usual......Maryl

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So many wonderful daylilies! Really hard to choose a favorite, or two, or three :)
Lilies are spectacular! Do you grow all of them in full sun?
I love the picture of the lilies in the sky.
Bob Marley is so bright! I think I remember Rita used to post it. What a nice pic of Desert Icicle! And Destined to See with daisies! And all the rest are lovely too!
Did you try to ID Smokey's noid from their selection?

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

THANKS for the comments everyone. It seems the forum is getting real quiet as of late so I appreciate your feedback. That way I know for sure someone is looking!

Sherry, I grow about a dozen doubles and I enjoy them mixed in with the others. I like all forms of daylilies, all shapes, colors, etc. so they are pleasing to me but I agree they are not as popular. But I still post pics of them from time to time because somebody might like them.....thanks.
Nancy & mantis..... thank you! Desert Icicle is a nice plant for me and is a great bloomer, still going here and with plenty buds left to end out August.
Jean....Zeus is doing just great. He thanks you for asking about him. What a spoiled kitty he is, just sitting on my lap as I type.
Julia, I have had problems this year with a few blooms not opening but I don't take pictures of THEM...haha. For the most part blooms opened well here although the usual suspects with the heavy ruffling that never open well didn't....and are being shipped south.
Maryl...I too love Bittersweet Destiny for it's color. It is so different than any other color in the garden. And Nat...I did look at all the daylilies on Smokey's website and couldn't find any that look like my NOID so I wonder how I got it in the first place if they don't offer it? I don't even recall now what I had ordered and didn't get but I like the noid enough that it has stayed. I am quite sure it is an older cultivar since when I ordered from Smokey's they weren't offering much in the way of newer daylilies. I love the soft melding of colors and that it blooms mid-late to late season. It is still blooming away now.


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Beautiful flowers and pictures, thanks for taking the time to share! I like so many of these, but I think my favorites are Desert Icicle, Stargate Portal and Gourmet Popcorn.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I'm such a dummy....haha. I labeled a daylily wrong in this and just realized it when twixanddud commented on it. The yellow with the red bee balm is Buttered Popcorn. I have a rose called Gourmet Popcorn and got confused. I guess taking care of my 91-yo mom with Alzheimers and taking care of 5 grandchildren under the age of 3 has turned my brain to mush. Thanks for liking it though!


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Truly enjoy your photos. Love the clump shots of Destined To See, and Stargate Portal. I don't usually take to spiders and UFs, but I find Free Wheelin' very attractive and cheery. I do have a few spiders and UFs, but they usually do not receive the appreciation or the attention that I give to the full forms.


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I've got a super late DL that is just beginning to bud...will post so all can see when it blooms. It may be the last of my blooms

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