End of August blooms

shive(6b TN)August 31, 2013

Here are my last daylilies of August, blooming over the past week.


BLAST FROM THE PAST is my latest blooming daylily

MISS GOLDIE GOLD DIGGER's last bloom - This daylily bloomed for 7.5 straight weeks this season!


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Pretty golds and yellows, Debra. 7.5 weeks is a great ru!

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shive(6b TN)

Miss Goldie was just a beacon calling out to me every evening as drove home from work in August. I'm excited that my favorite seedling from this season is getting ready to rebloom.

Shores of Time X Rosy Rhino #2


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Deba, that is going to be a beautiful finale to the season! Don't you just love those rebloomers?

MISS GOLDIE GOLD DIGGER sure is quite the performer! Love those beacons in the garden!

There are several 9 week bloomers in the seedling bed, a couple of which are still blooming. Sad to see the season end.

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shive(6b TN)

Judy Ann - How wonderful that you had some seedlings bloom nine weeks! I think 8 weeks was the longest I had any daylily bloom this year, and that would have been Kentucky Lucky. Last year I had two seedlings continue for eight weeks, but this year I think 6 weeks was the longest for any of my seedlings, even those with instant rebloom. I'm actually kind of happy to see this season end since I'm working so many hours now, and I don't have time to really enjoy the blooms.


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Well, you've seen one. The midnight bloomer! Been looking through photos to see if I can isolate the other. Pretty sure it is this one. If not, it's a sib. It's a really nice rolled bagel clear light orange. Maybe not this one now that I look at the "preview".

And it prolifs all over the place! We've had a sudden change from a cool summer to several really hot days. Turning on the water tomorrow and getting those prolifs from finished scapes into the ground!

I'm glad your hard work has been so nicely rewarded too.

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shive(6b TN)

Judyann - That is a gorgeous bloom! Who wouldn't want to see that pretty face for nine weeks?

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It's a keeper, that's for sure. There are enough buds remaining that it could last another week, maybe more. You know how bud builders are!

Safe Island looks quite similar in coloration. Comparing these two is a statement in the differences between dips and tets, in my opinion. Safe Island looks like it has more substance, and can pinch up a thicker edge. Diploids are getting there, though.

The diploid seedling has the wider sepal which I find more scarce with tets, although with the breeding of more diploid tetras, the tets are getting there!

Meanwhile, dips have stolen my heart! That's all I can say about it!

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Debra, I love that Shores Of Time seedling. Pink being my fav of course.

Judyann, that's a pretty white dip seedling. Nice form and color..


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Them seedlings are gorgeous, I love them both.


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Brad KY(6b)

This was my 2nd daylily of the year [June 6th]. It has rebloomed twice and is going strong! There was no gap between the original and the 1st rebloom, and only about a week or 2 between the 1st and 2nd rebloom! I also have the last one of Olallie Autumn Gold today, my latest daylily.
I do like all your late bloomers! Very Nice.

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Maryl zone 7a

I just checked and as usual my latest and longest blooming daylily, Smoky Mountain Autumn, still has about 1/2 dozen buds on it. It was one of the first to bloom in June and it has just never quit.....I'm loving the seedlings you all have posted.
Judyann: The corduroy effect on the petals is one of my favorite characteristics. Great form on both blooms also.....
Debra: Shores of Time seedling is a beautiful color..... Such talented people here........Maryl

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Love Shores of Time seedling!
I have very few DLs still with buds, including Shores of Time :) It has a flower today and only one more bud left.

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Last bloom today on THUNDER DRAGON (Gossard 10). It's been a great season for this one.

Also, rebloom on CHIEF DAN GEORGE (Dickerson 92). This daylily, registered as a mauve bitone, is probably the scariest plant I've ever grown. I picked it up maybe two years ago from a club event with no idea what it was like. It's currently an enormous clump, just huge. I'm afraid of what it'll be like next year! Even though it's supposedly just a bitone, mine has shown pattern almost every day. The color is not good, but I've loaded it down with pods, with the pollen from every patterned dip I've got here. I don't necessarily expect great seedlings (although I am curious), but maybe all those pods will slow this monster down! If that doesn't work, I could always plant it outside the deer fence.

I had a last bloom yesterday on CANDY APPLE VELVET (Kirchhoff-Schindler 11). What a red! If you like red daylilies, please let me recommend this one to you. Picture on the Daylily World website fails to capture the intensity of color. It's an evergreen, but hardy, and like the description says, not only did it bloom early, it was a true extended bloomer, and it rebloomed.

Also yesterday was last bloom on the late-blooming THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE (Bachman 09). Very bright, clean color. Not as tall as its registered 40", but it's newer and could use another year to settle in. It would probably help if I gave it more space as well. That means redoing that bed. Who has the time??? !!!

And I have a very nice rebloom scape on EXTEMPORANEOUS VIRTUES (Hanson 07), with at least four more buds still to go. A very pretty daylily. Now that it's reblooming, I like it even better!

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