Soil mix suggestions?

georgiapeach365(8)February 12, 2013

Just bought my first hoya. It is in a pretty small pot and needs repotting (I think). I've looked and can't seem to find where someone has already asked for suggestions on the perfect soil mix for hoya plants. Could I get some suggestions? Thanks!

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Welcome to the Hoya forum! There is plenty of potting mix recipes on this forum, so just search archives. But most likely your plan is perfect the way it is now. Hoyas like small pots and for sure small is better than to big!
Post a picture of your plant and you will get answer right away!

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Soil mixes are like perfume - everyone has one they feel works best for them. I use coir and perlite, 2/3 and 1/3 respectively. There are people who don't like coir at all, but I wouldn't use anything else. My nemisis is all purpose potting mix, but a lot of people use it as their base and add components to lighten it. The key is an airy mix that breathes, doesn't compact.

Denise in Omaha

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Welcome to Hoyas, peach! :)

Aggie & Denise are steering you right - I just wanted to say hello.

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Denise...Your plants are just amazing and if your mix is being suggested, then I just might give it a try when I repot too.

Please, do your Hoya in the pics all grow in coco and perlite?
I just don't waste mine. I do have the option of bark based mixes, but why waste a good thing if it works?
I love your Hoya plants.

Greedyghost...What do you use?

Thank you


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Hi Mike,

Yes, they all grow in the coir and perlite mix. It works for me. I like a mix that dries fairly fast, but I think I have a fairly light hand when it comes to watering. So I don't need to add anything else. Some people add either orchid bark or the coco chips. This helps if you're a more heavy-handed waterer.

The thing you have to remember with coir is to consistently fertilize as coir has no nutrients at all. On the plus side, it doesn't break down and become damaging to your plants like A/P potting mix.

Denise in Omaha

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The vast majority of my Hoyas are in a 1:1:1 blend of potting soil, large chunk perlite, and bark.

But I was also interested in Denise's method. Quinnfyre used coir with good results too. I remember being inspired by her lush lacunosas. So, I moved the Hoyas that I have to water more frequently to coir/perlite. I feel like it's easier to tell how dry they are and I like how airy the mix feels. I used the brand Denise recommended. Since I am local to her, I can get it from the same vendor. :P So far the plants have done very well in it.

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How often you need to water in the summer? I have under watering issue, so may be your mix would help? I can't really spend more time watering, considering full time job and one teenager at home. 40 small pots going of the shelf and back twice a week is max I can do! I live in S. Florida and now during "winter" plants get bone dry and suffer from my schedule and lack of humidity! :)

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Yes, thank you so much!

Now, do you think I'll be ok using the coir mix if I like to water almost every day or often for those I keep in my greenhouse with lots of sunlight and warmth?

I tend to like the feeling of being able to water as often as I want without the fear of over watering.

I know growing anything in just straight bark or with very little peat will allow me to do this, but does this kind of coir mix allow me also or will I need to add chips?

I can't help but admire your beautiful plants and know you are doing something right:-)

Thank you

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Anytime you're changing. mix, I'd suggest you experiment with a few plants to see how it works with your watering habits. Mike, if you want to water that often, I would say you would probably want to add either some orchid bark or the chunky coir. I water my plants by feel - when they feel almost dry, I water. A few species, I let get pretty dang dry (kerrii, obovata... the succulent ones), but most I don't let get too dry. For a Hoya in a 6" pot, that may mean every 2 weeks in winter, once or twice a week in summer. But it's all about "feel." Yes, it's time consuming, but worth it.

Denise in Omaha

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I haven't seen coir sold locally.. What was the brand Denise suggested? (Did I miss something? :) )
A good bark to use is fir bark, looking for pieces larger than 1/4in. I like to add lava rock, hydrotone and perlite too. I've heard of using broken terracotta pots (I'd imagine it is similar to hydrotone). I tend to think your largest portion shouldn't be potting soil.
I like to rinse everything before I mix it together in the pot.
(Hello again everyone :) I haven't been around in awhile.)

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Carolina soil is making a lot of success here with hoyas, I believe it can be found there.

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I get my coir from a local vendor, Paradigm Gardens, but they sell on the internet. If you order, specify this brand and wait for it if they're out. Sent my hubby to get some the other day - I had a HUGE Ponytail Palm to transplant at my business and told him to get 10 bricks and he came back with 5 of the Cocogro and 5 of another, chunckier kind that didn't hydrate nearly as nicely. I love the Cocogro brand...

Denise in Omaha

Here is a link that might be useful: Cocogro at Paradigm

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Thank you so much to everyone for all your helpful suggestions! Sorry it took me so long to get back to all of you. Now that I've gotten my first hoya plant I'm driving myself nuts with all the different choices. I want them all at one time!!! :)

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LOL! Careful, GP... I know it's tempting to get as many as you can as fast as you can, but a collection can get unmanageable pretty fast when you're just starting out. It can be overwhelming to go from a few plants to a lot - I know people who ended up losing so many (not just Hoyas, but others, like Orchids, succulents, cacti...) that they gave the hobby up in frustration, thinking they must surely have a "black thumb." I'm convinced that almost anyone can grow plants if they grow their collection a few at a time, taking the time to learn about the species and paying close attention to them, gaining some confidence before adding more.

But I do understand the excitement of getting some new Hoyas - I don't think any of us ever really get over that, no matter how many we grow!

Denise in Omaha

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I basically reccomend regular miracle grow potting mix for more common species

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