Is it a Hoya? ID?

kihaku_gato(5)February 15, 2013

Saw it in a Hanging Basket at Canadian Tire while window shopping. Is it a Hoya? The leaves are reeeeaaally tiny; the largest leaves are probably only the size of a nickel. I'd appreciate an ID. If it IS a hoya I might go back and buy it, since all I have are Carnosas lol.

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My guess is Dischidia ruscifolia

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Thank you very much. I looked up the photos of it and it does seem to be an exact match. It's shame the flowers aren't that showy compared to Hoyas. I find that hoyas other than carnosa are very scarce around here =/

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They definitely aren't as showy, but Dischidias are such lovely plants. I have to say I enjoy mine as much as the Hoyas. They provide a lovely contrast mixed in, with their (mostly) smaller interestingly shaped leaves.

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I love mine! It's a giant. The flowers are so white, so pure and soooooo tiny. They also have an interesting scent. Not stinky but not that great either in my noses' opinion. I would go back and buy it! Tough and sturdy plant to grow in good light. I've never regretted buying mine


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