hoya compacta peduncle info?

shellhoya(5-6)February 1, 2006

I'd like to know what a peduncle looks like when it's just starting to grow, and where do the peduncles start? I searched through the forums and found one person that mentioned some red growth on their plant, but I guess the posts were too old because the pictures didn't show up anymore. I've also seen lots of pictures of the flowers, but nothing that shows what to look for ahead of time. Do peduncles grow from the base of the leaf pairs, on the stems between the leaf pairs, or at the tip of new growth (or tips that have been cut back)? I have a hanging basket with about 15 plants in it and there are 2 plants that have the red knobby looking growths starting at the tips, and another reddish growth starting up high at the base of a pair of leaves. Also, there are some sort of dry looking little bumps sticking out of the stems down low near the ends, between the last few sets of leaves. I'd be happy to send pictures to anyone who wants to see them. Sorry I don't know all the technical terms but I'm new at this. I had a compacta before for many years (1 single vine that grew 6-8 feet long), but I didn't know anything about it and it apparently didn't like it when I moved. The poor thing started withering right in the middle of that long vine and it eventually died. I bought this nice full hanging basket last summer at HD (from Exotic Angel). I just moved it back into my living room after Christmas, right in front of a south window, and it's very happy here. There's been some new growth, shoots and leaves along with the wierd red "lumps" so I started looking for more information and found this forum. I didn't even know these plants would bloom until I came here. OK, I admit it, I'm totally obsessed. I'm so hoping to see blooms on mine, so any information would be appreciated!

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Hi S/H... Peduncles usually form between a pair of leaves, but some Hoyas produce long, at first leafless runners that will get peduncles on them. Compacta is one I haven't grown in years - it's a little different because they leaves are so tightly formed to the stem (thus the name!) Once you get a peduncle, it will become obvious because they usually start to form the flower not long after. It will look a little fuzzy at first (just a little "fat" on the end...) and then you'll be able to see the definition of individual flower spurs. It can take quite awhile from the formation of the peduncle until the flowers form. In fact, I have a pubicalyx that put on new growth last fall and has a lot of new peduncles, but they'll wait until spring to start forming flowers. I'll try to get some pics of not-flowering peduncles later today when it's sunny in the GH.

Denise in Omaha

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As promised, here are a couple of peduncle pics. First, this is one of the newly formed peduncles on my pubicalyx, which has yet to form a flower...

And here is one on my very new nicholsonii (just got it last fall, so I'm excited to already have a peduncle...) This one is forming flowers, so you can see the individual "nubbies" that will lengthen and then become the flowers...

Maybe someone can provide a pic of a flower peduncle on a compacta.

Denise in Omaha

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In your first picture, is the peduncle the bare stalk just above the leaf? The second one with the "nubbies" is really cool! That gives me a good idea of what to watch for. Here are the reddish colored growths on my plant. I do have some new growth with leaves in another area, and as far as I noticed it just started shooting out more green stalk, never had a red nub on the end. What do you think of this?

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Yes, the projecting piece above the leaf in the first pic is the peduncle. I think what you have are new growth points rather than peduncles, but I could be wrong. It's just a matter of time before you get flowers. I'd suggest you get some Eleanor's VF-11 or a good bloom booster.

Denise in Omaha

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This is another hoya compacta I just bought off ebay about a week ago. I've pointed out what could be a peduncle in the picture. The new leaf growth on this plant is coming from the top, a little higher up you can see the pink colored new leaves. This other growth is coming from farther down the stem, near the base of 2 leaves.

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Now that does look like a peduncle to me.

Denise in Omaha

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

Well, I'm not as fancy as you gals, I call them microphones because that is what they look like to me. I often get penduncles on bare vines, before the leaves form, I then use Eleanor's VF 11 to produce more leaves and flowers. Some Hoya need more sun to flower, and some like it cooler.
Did you know that there is a Hoya Society that puts out a journal that can help you learn. It rather good,and has excellent pictures. Thanks Norma

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I'll search on the web for the Hoya Society. And I think microphone is a great way to describe it! I actually never knew these plants would bloom until I started looking around the web. That's how I learned the term peduncle (which is a pretty funny word on it's own). I always thought they were just greenery. I'm glad I started looking around and learning, makes it alot more interesting!

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janisoga(Atl, GA)

I have a Hoya Obscura that I got grom our wondeful friend Leslie last year. It is growing leaps & bounds & recently produced buds for flowers - peduncles, lots of them! I was so excited I couldn't believe it. However, much to my disappointment, they are not opening up and are falling off. Can anyone offer me help? If a picture will help, I can provide one.

Thank you so much, I really want to know what I am doing wrong and I think you guys are the greatest.

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