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teisa(6)February 17, 2013

This Dischidia is growing in a 5" pot. It has been in this pot for out 9 months. It is so rootbound that the water does not flow through, even if I leave water overnight. There will still be standing water in top the next morning. It is otherwise growing good and looks healthy. Does this mean its simply time to pot up?

I realized I misspelled the plant name. It would not allow me to edit the subject.

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Beautiful plant. I would definitely pot it. I would be concerned it was getting enough water at this point. I would also try to loosen up some of the roots.

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Will it take up water from the bottom? I find repotting Dischidias can backfire on me. When I do move up to a bigger pot, I try not to disturb the roots and move it up just a size larger - so maybe a 6", 8" max. And be careful how you water for awhile after. D. ovata is my favorite Dischidia and yours looks lovely!

Denise in Omaha

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Thanks both of you all! Denise it is in a ceramic pot hat has a bottom attached. So i really can't water it from bottom and it's not taking in ANY water from top! If I pour 1/4 cup, next morning its still sitting on top! It's really healthy. But its got to take in water, so I'm gonna repot it up 1 size. Thank you for the heads up on watching it CLOSELY. It was just a small rooted cutting from a very nice Hoya friend here on GW. It has grown like crazy!!

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