Freezing sauteed yellow squash

judydelAugust 9, 2011

I'm not a fan of blanched and frozen vegetables. Has anyone ever tried freezing summer squash after it's been lightly sauteed?

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Why don't you do a test batch - saute up a squash, put a small bit in the freezer, and then try it in a couple days. See if you and your family likes it.

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pixie lou I just did that! I'll let everyone know how they come out.

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

judydel, that's the way I have been freezing squash for decades. I melt enough butter to barely cover the bottom of the pan, then add sliced squash, onions, and seasonings. I don't add any water, but put the pan on the lowest setting and let the squash and onions steam in their own juice, turning them as necessary to get the ones on the top into the juice at the bottom. I just cook whatever amount I have, large or small, as if we will eat it for supper that night and freeze what we don't eat. We don't care for the mushy texture of blanched or canned squash.

Hope this helps.

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I too, cook my squash as if I were going to eat it now and then freeze. It tastes more like fresh squash than if you just blanch it and put in freezer. I also use a little butter, onion, salt, and pepper.

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