Lakeside Hostas

samnsarahFebruary 14, 2012

As a new hosta gardener I have seen a lot of cultivars of the Lakside Hosta. Why are there so many different cultivars of this particular hosta? They all look great, especially the newer Lakeside Pebbles, but can anyone give me any information about the origins of the Lakeside hosta and how it came to have so many cultivars?

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

There are a number of hybridizers (people who breed beautiful plants) who use the same word at the beginning of their Hosta names. Steve Chamberlain uses "Academy." Mildred Seaver used "Sea." Jerry Hadrava used "Rosedale." Mary Chastain, who is retired from hybridizing, used "Lakeside" at the beginning of every plant she bred. Mary is largely considered, by those who know, to be the greatest hybridizer of Hosta ever to have dabbed pollen. She was also extremely prolific. That is why you see so many Lakeside names, and they have their own special section in the Library.

There are many many Lakeside Hostas available in the trade, but there are many, many more that have been registered but are not generally available. When Mary retired, she sold all of her stock, including the name Lakeside and the rights to all of her plants to Rob Canning (Rob occasionally will post here). If there is a Lakeside Hosta that you want, and it's not generally available chances are Rob has it. Rob will sometimes have auctions of plants available on the Library auction site, and he has a Facebook page where he posts pictures of Mary's beautiful creations.

I know of at least two great Hosta gardens that have spectacular sections or beds which only contain Lakeside Hostas. There are probably more, but many of these plants are well worth having.


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If he has a facebook page I sure couldn't find it, either under his name or Lakeside hostas. Got a link?

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Search for "Lakeside Acres" on facebook.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Link is below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lakeside Acres

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Oh THAT Lakeside. I already have it. Thanks!

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Thank you for that brief history lesson. I never knew that. I tried the link, but there wasn't much of a Facebook page. I didn't even see any recent posts, but I sent a friend request anyway.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


Check out the pictures. Especially the album of A-Z Lakeside photos. Incredibly beautiful plants in that album. If you're on FB you may also want to check out the American Hosta Society FB group page. Great photos there also.


Here is a link that might be useful: AHS Facebook page

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Hi - I have been gardening for 20 years, but I'm new to hostas. I bought 12 last year, but only 10 came up this year. Is this a normal attrition rate? Or did I just place the 2 poorly? I am planning to get several more this spring, and want to be careful. Thanks, lynne

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Hi Lynne and welcome: Your inquiry sounds like a good one for its own thread. Why don't you ask it again as a seperate posting. I think you might be amazed at the warm, and helpful response you will get. Expect to be asked for more info though before your inquiry will bear results.

Hi Frank! :) :) =)


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Hi Lynne,

Les is right. If you'll post the same message on it's own thread, you'll get more/better answers.

My guess is that zone 9 may be part of your problem. Hosta like cold winters. Most of us in zone 8 or above grow in pots. However, my Aunt, who lives near Austin TX has hosta in the ground and they grow fine. They don't get near as large as they will up north, though. Also, some varieties do better than others in warmer climates. The Dallas Arboretum has done hosta plant trials and has recommended varieties. They grow in the ground, in raised beds. Tony Avent of Plants Delight nursery has a recommended list for warmer climates.

There are a few folks who live in zone 8 and 9 who will be happy to help. They may never look at this thread, though. Just post the same message with a more appropriate subject. Go to the main page of the hosta forum. At the top of the white part is a link that is titled "post a message". Just click there and repost your question.


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