split cabbage

mabeldingeldine_gwAugust 21, 2011

We just received almost 2 inches of rain after a long dry spell, and 2 of my beautiful cabbages split.

One became coleslaw for a party, but I need suggestions for the other, especially as we have more rain heading our way.

I don't have enough for 'kraut, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Sorry, I just saw the glove technigue for kraut where Dave helpfully posted the smaller quantity method.

I'd like to try it, but need to know if nitrile gloves I get from my dentist are food safe? My DH is severely allergic to latex.

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Kraut is so easy. I'd recommend going to the NCHFP website and using their guidelines. They have specific instructions, including directions for canning when it's done. You can freeze it, if you'd like the bacteria to stay alive and the crunchiness to stay crunchy. Or, you can add pickle crisp when you can if you want to can but maintain the crunch. You lose the live organisms canning, though. I froze mine last year.
Also, feel free to add carrots, apples, onions, caraway, juniper, peppers or any other spice or veggie that sounds good. Turnips or radishes make good kraut, too.
The basic recipe is 1 tbsp salt to five pounds cabbage. Tamp the cabbage down firmly into a large jar or crock, sprinkling the salt on as you go. This helps release the juices.
If the cabbage isn't covered in brine by the next day, you may want to make a brine to cover it with. I cant remember the amount of water to salt I used for that mixture. Also, use brine to fill a bag to weigh down a cover for your jar.
Skim any scum daily, keep in a cool place, taste in about a week, might take two to four weeks, depending on temperature.

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Oops. Salt should be three tablespoons per five pounds. I just checked the NCHFP website.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

but need to know if nitrile gloves I get from my dentist are food safe?

Can't say as I don't know off hand what nitrile is. So I just Googled it. :) I don't see any references to being food-safe but you should be able to find out via Google.

But you don't need latex gloves anyway. I use plain cheap plastic disposable ones.


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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

dick raymond suggests grabbing good hold of the head, and twisting it.

This supposedly breaks off a portion of the roots, thus limiting water uptake till the roots regrow.

I have not tried this.....maybe google up the technique or check out "joy of gardening" if it is available to you

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