hoya question...

emerald1951February 17, 2013

Hi all...I posted this over on the houseplant forum and it was suggested to post it here...
this is my hoya hindu rope..its 7 feet long and needs a bigger pot....can I transplant it between now and spring and still get it to bloom or will transplanting it stop it from blooming this year???

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I can't answer your question from my experience, but have to comment on what a lovely plant. Mine is growing well, but there's never been even a hint a bloom.

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Linda! Where have you been?

So good to see you:-)

In my Mom's eye, she says that is the best Hoya she has ever seen and that is from a person whom hates most plants.

From me...Wow!!!!!

You always have a way with your plants.

Hi Gail!


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Hi Mike....................I'm here always reading......linda

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Sometimes, potting a plant 'up' can cause you to lose a season of blooming but other times it can result in more prolific blooming. You never know. But if it needs it, I just say take a chance and do it. It's an amaing plant. I would do whatever I had to do to keep it that way!!
Denise in Omaha

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That is a Gorgeous Compacta! It is my favorite Hoya! I have 4!! I will say I just repotted all of them and got them out of EA soil. I put them in a really free flowing loose soiless mixture. They are putting on tons of new growth and already seeing penducles forming. So if it's needing repotting (like mine were) they will reward you with many blooms later!

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Hi and thank you all for your nice comments..
not sure what I will do...first I have to find a pot...
this is my favorite plant and its the one of the first plants I ever had..a friend gave me a ivy and a hoya many years ago (to many to say)..but not knowing what I know now I didn't have it very long, but the ivy I had for a few years until I moved it from my bedroom(which was a cool room) to the living room which was alot warmer and the ivy didn't like that and I lost it...I have tryed over the years to grow this hoya..and everyone on GW helped me grow this one....thanks all.....linda

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