Dumb Question, Canning Chicken

GeneTheNewGuyAugust 17, 2013

OK time for me to ask a dumb question.

I want to can some chicken. I've read the Ball Book and the NCHFP recipes. They all seem to indicate that you should cool down freshly slaughtered chicken meat.

I just want to go to Sams and buy chicken breast for $1.97 a pound and can it up. Never done it before.

I assume this is perfectly safe with no problems.

I think it is, but I've been warned a zillion times to follow recipes EXACTLY.

GeneTheNewGuy asking questions. Thanks for your patience.

And if you have any other advice or comments on canning chicken, please let me know too.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yeah it is fine. They have already been "cooled down".

Just follow the directions for which ever method you prefer - hot pack or raw pack - and you'll be fine.


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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

I prefer using broth in my jars of chicken. The Ball book gives you the option. I know the Univ. of Georgia says to not add broth, but I follow the Ball Blue Book. I like the flavor of the broth, plus gives me something to thicken and use if I want when I open the jars.

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Definitely use the broth, sometimes the chicken that you get at the store doesn't have a lot of taste and the broth gives it more. I use broth whenever I can meat, beef for beef, vegetable for pork and chicken/turkey for chicken.

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Thanks for the responses, and that's what I figured.

I just always try to follow EXACTLY the canning recipes, and I figured, or wondered, why didn't they state that store bought fresh chicken was ok? Especially since the recipes emphatically and clearly stated fresh killed meat.

I just hate to take a chance with safety, even if I figured it was ok, but be it far from me to disobey a canning recipe.

Thanks! Gene the new guy.

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If you are RAW packing chicken, you do not need to add any liquid. As the chicken processes, it will make its own. I have over 60 pints of chicken canned. They were all packed raw, following directions from the USDA guide. Absolutely wonderfully easy. I have another 80 pounds coming in. I have canned pre-cooked turkey (as in soup applications) but did not care for the over cooked texture of it. Which could have been my prep of the original soup.
The Ball Complete guide and the USDA guide are chock full of great info. These 2 books are more like manuals than picture books.
I have also canned beef and pork the same way. (RAW) again super easy, and the texture is great. I have some plain, and some rubbed,
I have not canned any meat cooked since the soup. But I know there are people out there that love it. I personally do not.

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I've raw packed chicken breasts with and without broth, going to try canning some bone-in chicken just to see if the added bone broth is worth the reduced meat. This fall/winter I intend to catch turkey on sale, try my hand at deboning it whole, and can it all.

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I did some chicken thighs with the bone. Only because I wanted to try it. I had to strip the skin/fat off of them. (yuck) but they processed well. There is a lot of hidden fat on thighs. Just be prepared if you choose this cut of meat. I haven't tried the meat yet. There was more fat rendered. I'm not sure if the bone has improved the flavor or not.

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