Bio Dome Sponge Seed Starters

alameda/zone 8September 1, 2014

I read quite a few reviews on the Park Seed Co. Bio Dome setup with sponge type holders for seeds. Without exception, the reviews were excellent. So...I ordered one. Was wondering if anyone has used them and what the consensus on them is. Thanks........

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I have not used it with daylilies, but have with other seeds. the seeds start well in it, but have to be planted in containers soon, as you might expect.

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alameda/zone 8

The photos I saw, the roots got huge. Did you tear the sponge away from the plant, then pot it up or leave the sponge on? I read that that one person gently tore the sponge away from the roots and another person left the daylily seedling in it for quite some time and it grew well. All the reviews just raved about it - so am really interested in seeing how this works.

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

I read a lot of things about the bio dome a few weeks ago and think I am going to try it. Everything I've read about them related to growing daylilies from seed sounds very positive. I have not tried growing daylilies from seed before, so I figure I will try this, since it sounds pretty foolproof. I am not sure if I'm going to get the 60 seed one or the 40 seed one though. First, I need to wait and make sure I get some good seed to plant! I would be planting in January or February. Please report back on how it goes for you! Thanks, Laura

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alameda/zone 8

I am anxiously waiting for my Bio Domes to arrive - it will probably be this coming week. I have seeds soaking now in the peroxide/water mix, so hope to have some ready to plant soon. I will get some photos of the setup to post, and report on the results.

Laura, there are some good tutorials on the forum about seed starting - Nancy has an excellent one if you can find it. I cant recall her forum name, its najaba, I think.....she is very nice and very knowledgeable about starting seeds. Daylily seeds are pretty easy. I refrigerate mine, then when I am ready to germinate them, mix 1T hydrogen peroxide to 1 C water and soak them in their plastic baggies in a dark place, usually in a closet. I check them after 4 days, if the nub is showing, then I pot up in whatever containers I decide to use. I just bought a bag of Fafard Professional Potting Mix - it is like seed starting mix - that was recommended. I wet it, put in pot, poke hole w/ pencil and put the seed with the nub pointing downward and cover with vermiculite. I put pots in a roasting pan soaking in a couple of inches of water and encase in a clear cleaners bag to maintain humidity - use chopsticks to hold the plastic off the seeds. Put in sunny window. When green first leaves appear, take the plastic off and let them grow. Give some diluted fertilizer later and give a bit more light. Then repot when they outgrow the original pots. Its pretty easy. Not all seeds germinate but if you have a lot of them, like most people do, there are plenty. I recently got a tip from a daylily friend - she cuts the bottom of a cereal box to make a tray for her bagged seeds - it keeps them organized, you can thumb through them and they are not all messy in a plastic bag. I love this tip! Its neater keeping them in the fridge this way too. Good luck!

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

Hi Judith, thanks for the info and tips. Is this the post from najoba you mentioned? I remember reading it in the past, probably two years ago when it was written,.. it took me a while to find it now using various search terms. Please do report back on how the Bio Dome works for you. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Starting Daylily Seeds Post

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alameda/zone 8

Yes, that's the article I was referring to. I think there were some really good photos Nancy took somewhere - I looked, but cant find them. If I do, will post.

I will take some photos when I get some results. Right now, I am soaking seeds in the peroxide mixture. I have a few just starting to show the radicles [white nub] but they don't seem to be in a hurry to germinate. The directions say to soak the sponge inserts, apparently they will swell, then the seed is inserted. Cant wait to start! Its hard waiting on the seeds to germinate - some do it quickly, but this batch seems slow.

I also bought 2 trays with taller domes on them - I have put a 6 pack of previously planted seeds in seed starting mix in them and have a couple of inches of water in them so the 6 pack gets continuous water. This will keep me from having to put the plastic bag/rubber band greenhouse over each pot. That worked just fine last year - just a good bit of work. Will see how these trays/domes work. Will send photos of all when I get some results.

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