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riap(5)February 8, 2010

For those of you following the plight of my 40 year old Hoya plant, Jose, here is an update! He's been hanging tough. My husband took off a lot of dead and dying foliage. His current foliage looks sad but is turgid and alive. Today I decided to take him down and while his foliage is so sparse, lift him out and see what else i could do. I removed as much of the dead impacted roots as I could, and in so doing saw root GROWTH since the last lift! I think we may have been underwatering because the impacted dead roots told the meter he was WET when in reality under there he was not. I repotted with new fresh soil and watered him, returning him to his window. I pray the obvious root growth continues and he does not get too upset with the handling.

So lets hope the last ditch plant root surgery helps and he recovers. The new root growth under there gave me hope!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Riap, congrats on seeing new root growth. I wish you the best for Jose, and hopefully he will continue to recover. I think you did the right thing checking the roots,removing the dead impacted roots and giving him fresh soil and water. Good luck and please keep us posted on its recovery.

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Hoyas are pretty resiliant. Don't trust water meters - I've tried them several times over the years and always go back to the reliable "poke & feel" method.

Just be patient and only think positive thoughts around your recovering Hoya!

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Denise,
I have my husband checking him now too with and without the meter just to be certain we don't drown him. I am usually by the sink washing dishes, so when I try to check Jose's need for water my hands are wet and not a good judge. So far the meter is helpful. Its a simple cheaper one and it seems to be relatively reliable. Both of us are hovering over Jose like concerned parents LOL. We talk to him or at least I do! We plan to leave Jose alone and just wait and see if after he grows more roots he starts putting out new growth or even a change in his leaves would be welcome. But I am happy to have seen the new root growth! Gives us hope that we won't lose him.
Now Jose 2.0, the cutting-is doing great! His leaves improved, darkening and getting rid of that veiny dehydrated look. Leaves are shining up too, all four of them. Jose 2.0 is not much smaller than Jose was when we got him in 1974.
Hopefully with spring and more sunlight-Jose will perk up. Until then its TLC and very careful watering!

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Sad news--Jose is failing. My husband bare rooted him and we repotted again, but evidence of root rot combined with that impaction were the culprits.
We're not giving up yet but its not looking good. I think I killed him by trying so hard.I should have waited for my hsuband the 2nd time I repotted him. But We have done what we could so now we will wait and see if he somehow has a last spark of life somewhere and can slowly bounce back. But yes, I cry-because he's been such a part of our lives for so long. .. .. Spring is almost here. . . .
At least Jose 2.0 is flourishing and doing fantastic.

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You should try and post some pictures of Jose! I am dying to see the 40 year old Hoya Celeb! Well, on here he is anyway.

Good luck with Jose 2.0 and I wish the same to Jose the original!

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