Oldies but Goodies

booberry85(5)September 11, 2013

I'm still relatively new to daylilies. This was my second summer learning about daylilies and of course, acquiring! It seems like there is so much emphasis on the newest, latest, greatest, that a lot of the older varieties get tossed aside like yesterday's news. I think quite a few of the older varieties are just as lovely as the newer varieties and for a fraction of the price. For instance, I bought All Fired UP at a big box store earlier this season. It put on a lovely show! I was thrilled with it.

So I guess this thread has a two fold purpose. First of all, is it so important to you to have the newest, latest and greatest or do you just pick the ones that strike your fancy?

Secondly, what are some of the older varieties that you absolutely love and would never get rid of?

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The ones that "strike my fancy" are the ones I buy. Sometimes they are fairly new, sometimes I go on a hunt for an older one I want, but the ones I keep are the ones that continue to please me. I like eyes, bright colors, reds, oranges and purples. Sometimes, I buy one because the name amuses me (My Chihuahua Bites) Sometimes I see one on a post and just love it, and get it. I have two or three of the very first ones I bought many years ago (Brave World and Rose Fever.) My tastes have changed during the last five years I have been actively buying daylilies. the two I have coming from Maryotts are both unusual forms/spiders; Purple Tarantula and Shelby.

Another thing, I have found that certain hybridizers plants do exceptionally well here, and I will look at other intros from those growers. Emmerich, Trimmer, Lambertson...you get the point.

And, the intros from those that do well are often the ones that I think I have to have.

Have fun. It is an addiction, you know. Welcome to it.

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I had managed to double post, but when I was deleting it, I realized you wanted a few names of older dayilies. I assumed you might like pictures and a little info, so here goes, here are some of my older daylilies that I treasure. All of the ones I am posting (and posting their pictures) are permanent fixtures in my garden. As long as I garden, I will grow these.

How old do you consider "old" Red Eyed Fantasy is 10 years old and it is a permanent fixture in my garden:

How About a 1978 intro, Wild One? It's a wonderful plant!

I have quite a few Munson's, these are a few of the permanent ones:

Respigi (1986) with Nile Crane:

Flames Over Africa: 1997

Velvet Plum: 1976 with Joan Senior 1977 Durio

Time Lord; 1983

Alabama Jubilee Webster 1988

Rose Fever 1997: (Stamile)

Colorado Moonfire 1996 Salter

Forsyth's Ace of Hearts: 1998

Desperado Love Stamile 1994

Wispy Rays Joiner 1998

El Desperado Stamile 1991:

Primal Scream 1994 Hanson:

I did mention, in my earlier post, that I liked eyes, reds, oranges, and purples. And I do have many more oldies...but I have many newer ones too, though no intros from this...

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I like the older ones. The newer ones are pretty but the daylilies with all the ruffles and "chicken fat" don't open well here for some reason. Our cool nights? They are seldom as pretty as the pictures I see of them.

I have several Munsons that I really like.

Some of my favorites are Country Lace (Wild), Pink Monday (1981), Serena Dark Horse, Peacock Maiden, Hot Wire (1987), Frank Gladney, Peach Magnolia, Siloam Blushing Bride, Siloam Double Classic, Chinese Temple Flower, Skye Dance, My Darling Clementine, Going Places, Sorrento Song, Mauna Loa, Karen My Love, ...well I could go on and on!

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Maryl zone 7a

I like what I like. It's what my pocket book likes however that dictates how new a cultivar is. $150.00 for a new intro means I will be waiting for 3-5 years for the price to come down. Doesn't make the old ones better, just more affordable....However if you like older ones that are proven winners, you might want to get an Oakes Catalog to look at over winter. They are one of the first people I bought daylilies from and one of my favorite pink daylilies (Yesterday Memories) came from them (as does Wild One). They send large clumps, not just a couple of fans, so although the price seems a bit more then some sources, you get alot of bang for your buck......Maryl

Here is a link that might be useful: Oakes Daylilies

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow. Kay, you have some beauties.Some,I didn't know they were considered oldies,that I have and love, too.WILD ONE is hard to beat in my book for beauty. I love it. just wish it would rebloom, too.I love your DESPERADO LOVE and would love to have that one, mainly because it looks so much like EL DESPERADO that I just loveMy clump is not as big as yours, but its getting there..Love that RED EYED FANASTY, too. its gorgeous andRESPIGI, too.


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Red Eyed Fantasy is a stunning Daylily. I am also fairly new and am a big fan of eye/edge Daylillies. No doubt I would love to have some of the new bright eyed and 1" edged Daylillies but its a choice of getting 2 or 3 in a year, or a couple dozen of still very beautiful daylillies. Someday the $150 fan will be 2 fans for $20 and then I will be able to have it. Delayed gratification is over rated IMO, but that's life.


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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

I will never have the latest/newest daylilies, but I do have some newer ones (from the last 6-12 years). As far as older ones go, there are two that I can think of offhand that I've had for 7-8 years and will always be in my garden - Indian Giver (1991) and Cameroons (1984).

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I can't afford the latest and bestest. I buy what I like and can afford and sometimes for the name :) So most of mine are older. From the cheap ones I have and like (and recommend) right now I can think of such daylilies as Sherry Lane Carr, Elegant Candy, George Jets On, Siloam Double Classic - they also have lots of flowers.
And I also wanted to mention that I won't recommend buying daylilies from big box stores (especially those in packs!!)

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Maybe my problem is that I think they're all pretty! LOL!

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Some of the older ones I have and like, and that I think have not been mentioned: ASHWOOD RINGS OF SATURN (Norris 05), BELA LUGOSI (Hanson 95), CAMEO GLASS (Moldovan 05), CARTWHEELS (Fay-Russell 56), CONDILLA, a double (Grooms 77), ELMORE JAMES (Hanson 99), EMERALD GLOW (Benz 00), FLAMING BULL (Bennett 06), FLYING TRAPEZE (Moldovan 05), HER BEST BLOOMERS (Herr 01), HILLTOWN PRIDE (Moore 86), JOLLY GOOD FELLOW (Herr 04), KNOWER SPIDER, an unusual form, not a spider (Knower-Warrell 03), MERINGUE MIRAGE, another double (Apps 99), PERFECT TEN (Moldovan 96), RAPBERRY SUEDE (Blaney 98), RUBY SPIDER, another unusual form (Stamile 91), RUFFLED STRAWBERRY PARFAIT (Reckamp-Klehm 03), SOUTH SEAS (Moldovan 93), STRUTTER'S BALL (Moldovan 84), TRIBAL COUNCIL, an extra early red double (PRYOR 05).

We could go on and on, and I've left off many that I really like! As Kay asked, what do you consider older? One of my very favorites is BEYOND THE SKY (Morss 08). So...is 2008 older?

As to your other question, I buy a fair number of newer ones these days, but that's not to say I don't buy what strikes my fancy. In fact, with respect to many popular older daylilies, I don't get around to getting them for years. For example, I finally got WEBSTER'S PINK WONDER (Webster-Cobb 03) two years ago. CONDILLA is one I bought recently. PERFECT TEN, got it two years ago.

I just looked over an order form from a late summer pickup locally. I bought (or requested and was given as gift plants): BRIDGETON INNER CIRCLE, a late bloomer (Apps 04), BRIDGETON KNOCKOUT (Apps 06), CARMEN RENEE (Apps 06), CATCH THE WIND (Hanson 03), DIAMOND TIARA (Moldovan 98), MUMMER MASQUERADE, a double (Apps 99), STUDS TERKEL (Hanson 09), TEMPORARY AND ETERNAL (Hanson 04), and THE JURY'S OUT, another late bloomer (Apps 00). From another source, PICKING TIME (Bennett 97), I'd categorize most as older, although not necessarily old.

I think a lot of people like many of the oldies. But as for getting tossed aside, some of the older ones just aren't very good, or they've been surpassed by plants with better attributes. :) That doesn't mean you can't find them, however. In fact, if you think about it, unless you're looking at a collection put together by a very affluent (or crazed?) collector, if it's large enough, it probably contains more older daylilies than newer ones. If the collection is more than a few years old, then it must, by definition, contain more older ones - unless the owner completely redoes it every few years. I'm talkiing collectors, not hybridizers, so who, really, does that?

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I seem to have passed right by your first question. Highland Pinched Fingers 1991, was a spectacular daylily. It was tall, lots of large glowing blooms and was still looking stunning when I got home in the afternoon. This Daylily seemed to shine like the sun and grabbed my attention everyday I pulled into the driveway.


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Nancy zone 6

Some oldies I like have already been mentioned-Strutters Ball, El Desperado, Bela Lugosi. For spiders I like Spiderman & Lady Neva. Lady Neva hasn't rebloomed for me, but it blooms so heavily & long. Has anyone mentioned Beautiful Edgings? A great one that reblooms nicely. Bill Norris is a wonderful yellow, nice shape, heavy bloomer & always reblooms. Smoky Mountain Autumn is a lovely one, & Hush Little Baby can't be beat for beautiful color.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I really love this post! I'm new to daylilies as well and have added a ton this season...that Red Eyed Fantasy is just georgeous!!!


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One of my favorite oldies is Siloam Plum Tree ( Henry P. 78)

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shive(6b TN)

There are many older daylilies that cost $5-10 that are beautiful and super performers.

One of my best oldies is BILL NORRIS, which has always rebloomed for me.

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shive(6b TN)

Another great reblooming oldie is MY GIRL.

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shive(6b TN)

ALL AMERICAN CHIEF puts on a fabulous show.

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shive(6b TN)

EL DESPERADO is a wonderful late season bloomer.

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shive(6b TN)

DESTINED TO SEE is one that will always have a place in my garden.

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shive(6b TN)

ELEGANT CANDY always has loads of buds, and is supposed to rebloom. Unfortunately mine doesn't get enough sun later in the season to put on an encore.

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shive(6b TN)

BELA LUGOSI and SPARTICUS ADORNED, both by Curt Hanson, are the best older purples I grow.

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shive(6b TN)

Here's Sparticus Adorned.

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shive(6b TN)

In my opinion, WINTER TREASURE is the best older white you could buy.

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shive(6b TN)

I think my favorite orange this year was Tahlequah Flame, a late bloomer that is pretty reasonably priced now.

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El Desperado has been on my list to add to the garden for quite a while. I think I may have to add Destined to See as well. Thanks alot! ;)

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I'm going to second that about Desperado Love. I was most impressed with it as a beautiful award winning scape with multiple well spaced blooms. I've never had it in my garden though.

Looking back through several years of pictures, I've taken very few photos of registered cultivars. That was interesting. Here is Bill Norris and it actually shows something not seen by the eye, a yellow eye on a yellow self. No wonder it just glows!

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Love the picture of Winter Treasure! And Tahlequah Flame is a nice one, so bright. I grow it too, and it even rebloomed this year! I had a bloom on it yesterday and day before, and it has a few more to go. Too bad it's so cold here, they are paler and don't open right.

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I forgot POINT OF VIEW (Sanford Roberts 92), really a wonderful, bright red.

I like SWAN POND, a white by Helen (?) Dougherty (1981). Also her (or Everett's ?) INDIAN RIPPLE (1997). Also the wonderful REGENCY HEIGHTS (1991). Also SNOWFLAKE EMPRESS (1995).

Gossards. GREAT RED DRAGON (2006), VENUS FLYTRAP (2007); color not good for a couple of years but now looks just like his pictures. NEON FLAMINGO (2006). Are these too new for you?

Pat Cochenour's MYSTIC PIZZA (2003) is another wonderful red.

BATTLE OF ANTIETAM (Phil Adams 1995). How I wish I'd stocked up on more of his plants. I don't have enough of them.

All by Dave Niswonger: COMET TRAIL (2001), FURNACES OF BABYLON (1998), MISSOURI GOLD (2006), ROCKET BLAST (2001).

Bud Bennett's WILD CHERRY WINE (2004).

Margo's BROWN WITCH (1999).

MOUNTAIN LACE (Pryor 2003). Very pretty lavender.

TOPGUNS DRIPPING GOLD (Bob Scott 2004). Which I saw in a convention garden and had to have.

ROCK SOLID (Stamile 02).

HIS SISTER PAM (Yost 2009). Too new to be old? It was slow to get going but is really superb.

LAST MAN STANDING (Benz 00). A fabulous late.

SWALLOW TAIL KITE (Hanson 1998).

From Arthur Kroll, another former hybridizer who used to live locally, MARDI GRAS PARADE (1992) and OLE' OLE' (1995).

MABOU (Mason 2003).

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mizellie(z7 Al)

You are right about the oldies. many of mine are at least 10 years old and some much oldies. they are steadfast....Ellie

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I have a question about the "destined to see" The photo above looks so lovely, that i just googled it. I have read evergreen and I have read dormant./??? Living in 9b I need evergreen. Can anyone help? If it is evergreen, where can I get it? Winter treasure and My girl also look lovely.

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shive(6b TN)

Missylin - Destined to See is evergreen here, so I'm sure it would be evergreen for you.

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Shive, do you think if a seller has it listed as "dormant" that their cultivar is not really "Destined to See."

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If anyone sees Rose Fever from a good seller, please let me know. I found online that it is evergreen, but can't find it. Someone showed a photo on their website- but it looks nothing like organic kitten's photo. the shape was totally different. Thanks so much.

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Thanks everyone! I have a lot to study for next year. Happy to say that I do have a few of these and quite a few others are on the short list!

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