Aphid attack!!!!

cablock1(5)February 10, 2014

Grumble grumble grumble aphids attacking all of my hoyas in the dining room. So they are all getting the insecticide treatment then banishment to a garbage bag for a week! Can't hardly wait for Spring to arrive.
Just venting everyone!

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I hate bugs inside sucking on my plants!I've been seeing those long tail mealies on some of my new hoya growth.Nothing out of control,but i keep a squirt bottle of water and rubbing alcohol mixed half and half,with a few drops of dish detergent,which really helps make the solution stick to the bugs...kills them quick and won't damage the new growth either...should work on aphids too.If your able to find any praying mantis egg sacks in the yard or field,pop one of them in your plants when you bring them outside for spring.I did that last spring and was bug free in days!the mantis babies love aphids and spider mites!

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