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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)February 15, 2013

i want to know a good online hoya source that has super cheap shipping. i want ot expand my hoya collection. i am the youngest amateur hoya enthusiast ever. i have hoya carnosa exotica and krimson queen and a hoya tgugii

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Hi there! I am also a young hoya addict =) I couldn't wait to expand my collection and I have more plants than I have room for now (like many of us on the forum!)

Probably the easiest way I have found is continuously searching craigslist for "hoya" (you can use the - symbol to weed out "honda, toyota" etc). I'd also look into local plant shows happening, it's the season right now!

I'm sure you would be surprised by how many nursery are within an hour drive from your house (I call ahead and ask if they have indoor plants, or ask for hoya specifically.) Honestly even HomeDepot and Lowes carry hoya. (Be warry: Hoya lacunosa attract the dreaded mealy bugs. Prepare yourself for bugs BEFORE you have them. Purchase BATS "bayer advance tree and shrub" from any store. A rubbing alcohol/water mix in a mister also works.. you will want a plan and a back up plan haha)

Aside from that... Gardino Nursery (http://www.rareflora.com/) and SRQ Hoya (http://srqhoyas.com/) are both good. Joni, the owner of SRQ even frequents hoya forums. Logees (http://www.logees.com/) is reliable for rare house plants, but pricy and in small pots. Here is a much less known seller with good prices (http://toplants.ecrater.com/c/135090983/hoya) shipping from far away so expect fragile hoya may not make the journey. I have seen photos of good shipments from them though, even replaced a weak hoya that died soon after arrival.

(p.s. stephanotis floribunda is another nice plant!)

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oopse, my mistake! toplants ( "Thai Ornamental Plants") replaced an order which arrived all basically dead, barely two leaves left in the whole order. (Some of those bare stems survived though!) I wouldn't want to mislead anyone about to pull the trigger on that site! :) I should also mention shipping is $15 to USA, not $40 (which they say is for EMS). A great deal compared to other Thai vendors.

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Super cheap shipping???? Never found it! Most of the time shipping is almost the same price as my cuts order!


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Try: http://www.glasshouseworks.com/

They have a good assortment of hoyas to choose from.

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Right NOW WM has hoyas...big baskets full. My favorite Hindu rope.
A change for me, but so pretty. Also several sansevieria are at WM, don't forget EC! Can you tell I like WM?

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SRQ Hoyas just sent an email that all plants were $10.00 thru end of May!! If you have never bought from her, you probably didn't get an email so I thought I would share the info! She has super nice plants and ones that aren't too readily available at other places!


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