OT: my garden gnomes

Nancy zone 6September 7, 2012

You all know how my garden gnomes or gremlins are constantly messin' with me, moving or taking the labels for my plants. Well, the dratted creatures are getting really daring this summer & moving to stealing bigger things. Earlier this summer I was weeding an area & suddenly realized I wasn't wearing my glasses. I don't really need glasses for close work, they are for distance, but miss them quickly. I searched & searched where I was weeding, about 4 square foot area. I couldn't find them, had DH search & he has a quick eye. I had a spare pair of glasses, so no big deal, thought they would show up sometime. They haven't yet & I weeded that area again a few days ago. A couple of weeks ago I was weeding & suddenly realized I wasn't wearing one of my gloves. They are kinda big so I could see it slip off when I'm slinging the handful of weeds into the garden cart. No where to be found. DH has been suggesting I'm losin' my mind. Ha! Now it happened to him. A solar light wasn't working right so he was trying to fix it. He thought he brought it up to the deck, but not there now. He's looked everywhere.

If anyone spots a garden gnome wearing spectacles & carrying a cheap solar light in his little gloved hand, let me know. I'm expecting him to come back for the other glove, but maybe he admires Michael Jackson.

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I can relate to your gnomes they are always stealing my glasses and tools to. Every once in a while I find the glasses but I'm still looking for a soil scoop I recently bought. I think I need to paint handles and parts of my glasses bright orange.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Hahaha! Too funny, Nancy! Some day you might find them and wonder how they got where they are. I have a garden gnome that steals my cell phone on a regular basis. (I have to blame someone for my carelessness). I have all these raised gardens everywhere that I've made of rocks and when I'm working in them I will put my phone on the rocks, only to forget to bring it in when I go inside. An hour or so later when I realize that I don't have it and go back out it is nowhere to be found. Then I have to wait until DH or Tiffany comes home so they can call it so we can locate it. One time I searched forever for it and when DH called my number we could faintly hear it but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We ended up finding it at the entrance to a chipmunk hole and can't understand how a little chipmunk could have moved it there.
Apparently even chipmunks need cell phones nowadays.
Even if it fell off the rock border where I'd put it, the chipmunk burrow was a couple feet away. Garden gnomes or bionic chipmunks? LOL


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Hey - I think I spotted your gnome in my back yard last night. He was moonwalking across the lawn and humming Billy Jean...

Thanks for the laugh -

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LOL :))
Thanks for a laugh! Though I know it's frustrating. I cannot multitask at all, and usually lose my small tools in the garden. So far though I only can't find a part of my watering can.
Speaking of cell phones, Celeste. We once found ours in.. a garbage can. The big one outside. Have no idea how it ended up there

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

hahaha This is all funny.I have never lost my cell phone as it stays in my pocket at all times.Mine is not used for making ph calls amyway, its used strickly for texts with my daughters, at least 2 of them.The third daughter says she wont be worrying about no text, she dont know how to do it and dont want to mess with it anyway.my phone is a go phone. pay as you go, and not on a contract. I wanted one so in case I was to fall outside and cant get in to a ph, The cell ph be in my pocket to call a daughter or some one for help.also, if I fall in the house, I can use the cell to get help.its a emmergency ph for me.Haven't lost anything outside, but now inside is a different story.


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Julia NY(6)

A good laugh but I think most of us have been there with the "lost" items until one day, they miraculously appear again.


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Nancy zone 6

I'm glad other people are plagued by the little pests too :)

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Hi all, such beautiful flowers, someday I'll learn to send
flower pics---then stand back.

I believe your gnomes have sneaked into my house. Early
last spring, we were out with some friends and stopped at a
very nice garden shop. We found the prettiest hanging
placque - perfect for our daughter's garden. We put it
away for her birthday---and that was the last we have seen
it!!! Tell your gnomes to bring it home, we still haven't
found it and her birthday was mid-July.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

ngraham, you are hilarious. Still, I am laughing. Well, the gnome took my cell phone to the burn pile and I still have yet to find a pair of my glasses. What does the little bugger want with all this stuff? Is he hocking it or HOARDING??? Ellie

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Maryl zone 7a

You all crack me up......Maryl

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh Nancy! You are going to have to resort to leaving gifts for those ghomes so they stop going after the things that are important. Drat those gnomes!

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Nancy zone 6

That is a thought, Rita. I wonder what gnomes like. I have an old cell phone, but maybe they don't collect them unless they work. Probably to contact each other & gloat about what they just confiscated. Maybe I should check out Ebay & see if my stuff shows up :)

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

You know that they do get around or maybe it is just that they have friends and family in other gardens. Recently here they hid an unopened package of mosquito dunks that was here and then when I wanted to use it, was just gone. And I found iris plant markers that they snitched and left laying in the garden. They let a mouse (or more than one) into my basement cause I can hear the darn thing at night and had to resort to putting out mouse/rat poison down there. So they really are busy and like to move things so that one can't find them. As you well know!!!

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Rita-are you sure there are mice in the basement? Maybe it's the gnomes. They ARE getting more brazen every day.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

:-)) They like to mess with garden things and fortunatly do not like to come into the house ha-ha! :-)) The mouse (or mice) must have eaten the rat poison because it has been quiet at night these past two nights.

Mice in my garage is common here. I am always having to put out mouse poison in the garage but usually they do not get into the house.

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Nancy zone 6

As annoying as the gnomes are, I prefer my mice. Might be a different story if they start invading my house. I had a dream a few nights ago though about a gnomelike creature pushing at me to wake me up. When I woke up it seemed so real, I could swear someone had been rocking me to wake me. My arm was over my head pushed against my nose where I could hardly breath. Maybe they aren't always naughty :)

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Nancy zone 6

I get some mice in my garage occasionally in the fall/winter. A couple of years we got some in the house, they got in the attic & walls, they were literally eating holes in the drywall at the top of the ceiling. We got rid of them & haven't seen any more since, thank goodness!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Nancy, all this talk of garden gnomes is really getting to your subconsious mind!

I find the mice in the garage annoying enough, I don't want them in the house.

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