Olive Tree - need help identifying

bvillanovaAugust 21, 2011

Please help...I acquired what I was told is an olive tree but I can't find any info on this type of tree as all the research and pictures do not look like mine. It is cloud pruned and looks like a big Bonsai, produces very small red elongated berries...part of the tree is dying off so I need to figure out what type it is so that I do not lose the tree. I live just north of Tampa. I have pictures but not sure if I can post them here.

Please help.



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it sounds like you might have autumn olive which is not a true olive and is invasive does the tree have thorns? do the berries have grey flecks?

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Hi Darkfusion, thanks for replying...no thorns and no grey flecks on the berries...is there a way to post pictures here?

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there is a way to post pictures but i dont know how i am new to the site i also dont know much about olives other than autumn olives so i am afraid im not going to be able to help very much if you do figure out how to post pictures i think there is a forum section dedicated to plant identification

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thank you very much.

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