H. carnosa 'Chelsea'- Weird reversion

plantomaniac08(8)February 7, 2013

I have a H. carnosa 'Chelsea' that I pruned back recently. I have noticed some of the new growth that is forming near where I cut back is looks like H. carnosa leaves not 'Chelsea.' Is this common/normal? I know that Hoyas do sometimes revert, but I've never seen one revert after being pruned back. Thanks for the input. Btw, don't worry, that IS a 'KQ' in the photo, it's next door neighbor (hehe).

Confused Planto

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Gosh darn it, I forget previewing my message again removes my photo.

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Hi Planto :) That leaf is just new, and new leaves often don't look like the final result for a looooong time, sometimes months. So it might be too soon to tell whether it's going to really stay looking carnosa-ish vs. Chelsea-ish. But maybe it will! It wouldn't be the strangest thing coming from a cultivar.

Nice to finally learn what sometimes causes people's pictures to disappear from their posts!

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