'Sombrero' and Fragrant Topic

don_in_coloradoFebruary 23, 2014

Hi Mocc and all,

Started to hijack Jan's thread, (sorry, Jan) instead of a sentence or two it was ready to become BLAH BLAH Fragrant hostas BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH etc...

SO Mocc, (Of course anyone else PLEASE do join the thread, and add whatever you'd like) yes I think you mentioned a Savory order coming up for you, and 'Sombrero' was mentioned. Looks like it can get HUGE, a 'Blue Umbrellas' (HUGE blue) x plantaginea hybrid, even still looks like a big blue, even after the cross. Savory's offers OS pieces for 50 bucks, or what they describe as '1 year field TC's' for 20 bucks. Yes, 50 bucks is a lot, but I'd rather pay the extra and get a big piece (hopefully) than what they describe for 20 bucks. I guess it comes down to 'Do I REALLY want it THAT bad'? and the answer, simply, is 'YES'! I do LOL. It makes me think of what Bernd wrote about 'instant gratification' when you get your plants; He likes to get them already as mature as possible, and I don't blame him. I'm not unwilling to buy younger-than-mature plants, I do it a lot, but given a choice like this, I'll bite the bullet and get the OS. I think I'd probably eventually kick my- self if I got the little one, like shortly after I took it out of the box and thought 'Man, that is SMALL! '

Anyway, then there are some other fragrants I just discovered in Savory's catalog...More to follow on this topic, as always...Cheers...

Don B.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I, too, want to do a Savory's list. I want Dan Patch. What else (besides Sombrero) on their list is special? Even nicer if it's fragrant.


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BKay, one I really like a lot is 'Grasshopper'. It's a fragrant. Savory's catalog has a couple good pics of it. It's 25 bucks, but I'm thinking ahead to a mature plant, looking great in my garden. : ) I'm staying away from mentioning blues, BKay, because I know they tend to FRY in your climate. (A lot of my blues have been blasted by our high-altitude sun here, at least initially. We'll see how they do this year, after being planted and established for a season. The 'Sugar and Cream' you sent me LOVES it here, though!) Some older greenies (and others) in this catalog that are priced nicely, and look great...These interest me...

FORT KNOX (a nice gold)

and a bunch more!

Don B.

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Was wondering, Mocc and BKay, if you have 'Spartacus'? Not a fragrant; it's been a very fast grower in my garden, and looks great (in my opinion). Green Mountain carries it at a good price. Here to help (enable)...

Don B.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I second on Spartacus. First year for me and already a favorite.

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By George I believe Paula is part of the ole cracker barrel discussion...
I am on my Kindle reading in bed or I would check the Savory order. I added two more HOSTA yesterday.. I forget what I got in the past, but their catalog is full of OS stock. I liked the Sombrero OS myself. Do not have long to wait to see the real thing....at my age you never know.. ha...take note of another justification for getting your way...

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Don are you beaming thought waves subliminally to me or am I only partially conscious of what is posted, and then I discover I am already ordering what you ask about....it is freaky....

So yes, I ordered Spartacus, but cannot remember why nor how it went on the list. Gorgeous of course...maybe the price was right...

Sombrero makes me think of my yella umbrella making shade last summer. Or Umbrellas of Cherbourg an old French musical movie.

Don, Quesadilla is a newly available sport of your Guacamole, right? Found it this week too. Since my additions are not numbering so high it seems I have more money to put on each HOSTA...let us say QUALITY OVER QUANTITY is my motto. I am good at SELF ENABLING.Turns out the names on Don R fragrant list that I thought were old are just now being released to the public. For instance White Triumphator...fragrant...on Dons list since I discovered HOSTA. Only now at N H HOSTA, probably TC but it is the sporting parent of Glen Fetish, hot new HOSTA, and they are FRAGRANT.

I am at a disadvantage tonight without my records, so continue tomorrow.

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Looks like I missed "tomorrow" by two extra days. My excuse is moving things around in the hosta garden and trimming back dead palms (the winter was not kind to my potted palms). Now I must create new shade sources for the hot end of my hosta space.

My order from Savory

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Just as an FYI, Don...Spartacus has made it to my want list top 5...thank you for the great pictures! :-)

Love the ripples and pretty contrast in colours.

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....as I was saying, my order from Savory includes the following:
*Aphrodite F (adding new source to my Aphrodite holdings)
*Color Festival F
*Fried Green Tomatos F (an extra from a different source than what I have)
*Grasshopper F
*Royal Flush OS (replacing one which died of sou.blight 2013)
*Royal Super F (2 of these, it is a streaker)
*Sombrero OS F
*Sparkling Burgundy OS
*Tonoko Tachi (forgot I'd ordered it from another source, oops)
*Yellow Emperor OS

Heavy on the fragrant hosta, as you can tell.
Did I mention that I ordered from NHHosta? One is hard to find fragrant, Garden Delight, and I got 2 just in case. The second hosta is not fragrant, but comes in a 2 gallon size: Sun Power.

Then we've mentioned Glenbrook Plants before, but my order with Victoria Serafin consists of 2 White Triumphator F and 1 Moonlight Mirage OS/F .... they are totally new to me. White Triumphator has been on the Fragrant Flowered List since I discovered hosta, so I thought it was an old variety. Not so....it is just hot out of tissue culture I do believe, and grown on to a nice size, so in lieu of OS on this one, I'm taking it readily available. If you recall, the hot new offering by Victoria Serafin at this last FirstLook14 auction was I think Glen Fetish, a sport of White Triumphator. Something to look forward to, because Glen Fetish will be fragrant just like mama!

Moonlight Mirage is out of Moonlight Sonata. My observations with Moonlight Sonata last year was it bloomed early, and it was very fragrant. It also had the first hosta scapes I noticed with assassin bug nymphs on the stems and bracts, but not the blossoms themselves. So the nymphs were not after the pollen, but probably after whatever insect visited the scapes.

This year I will keep an eye out for other hosta which might host these nymphs, and see if it reveals any preference for highly fragrant hosta. So far, yes, there were 4 hosta I found these nymphs upon, all 4 were fragrant varieties. It is possible the nymphs were on other non-fragrant varieties too, and I was not paying close attention to their (earlier) blooming scapes. So this year, I check closely.

It isn't as if the nymphs are insignificant...they are fairly large and bright orange and black. Incidentally, they have the reputation of being "good" since they eat the bad guys.

Please report if you find them on any of YOUR hosta as the season wears on.

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Anyone have H. 'Snow Flakes'? I just learned of it while looking at Glenbrook's catalog. It's not listed as a fragrant by Glenbrook, but it's rather big, white flowers look like they're stinky, so I checked Don R's fragrant list and there it was. Listed as a small-medium, it's a greenie, sieboldii 'Alba' x plantaginea, and hybridized by the great Frances Williams herself. I may be the last one to know about this plant, but if not, I always like to spread any news I can about different hostas, especially fragrants. And yes, it's in the library. : )

Don B.

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Yes, DonB, I have Snowflakes. I got it in 2012 from Van Wade.
Has been doing fine. Did not get a picture of it in bloom, do not recall it blooming, in fact.

Fragrant? I do not know how much, since no flowering yet. Besides, Bob Solberg says that his Sugarbabe is the smallest of the fragrant hosta.....which I have one of those too, before you ask.

Here is Sugarbabe and then Snowflakes after that

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Don, this found in WadeGatton 2013 catalog describing
Snow Flakes: ( Williams 1986) small
Foliage mound grows 12"w x 8" hi Leaves 5.5" long x 1.25" w.
3 pair of veins and are medium green leaves lay near flat. Pure white flowers in August. A H. sieboldi x H. plantaginea sibling

Then beneath Snow Flakes he lists Snow Flurry (Vaughan 1973)
Mini...Mound gets 4"w x 5"tall, 3 pair of veins, heavily spotted and splashed with green. Bloom scapes have inflorescence leaves and are 12" in height. White flowers with green rib on sepals bloom from Aug 10 to Aug 20. Flowers open widely and occasionally have petaloid stamens. H. Snow Flakes HYBRID.

So I might be reading it wrong, but is Snow Flurry the hybrid of Snow Flakes or the other way around? Either way, Snow Flurry is not listed on fragrants.

Now.....why are you asking about Snow Flakes? My plant arrived in mid October 2012 and any pictures I took then were lost when my external harddrive failed. But its first growing season with me was 2013, although it was here in late 2012.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I'm just following along here....nothing to add but my pleasure at seeing these pics! Now to look up some of the ones mentioned above...and see what's available around here locally. Learning is fun but I'm doing a lot of homework, sheesh! :-) lol

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Hi Mocc...I was asking about it because I just became aware of it's existence yesterday, and it's parentage makes me think it might be fragrant. Or at least makes me HOPE it's a fragrant. The only other info I can find besides the Wade and Gatton listing is the library, where it describes 'Snow Flurries' as 'Snow Flakes selfed'. Just my usual hosta-obsessive behavior stuff. I'll buy one, and when/if I'm lucky enough to get blooms, I'll give it the ol' sniff test. Hopefully your plant will beat mine to it. : )

Don B.

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DonB, yeah, you and me, Kid, we have inquisitive minds. I am heading outdoors now to bag up trash and debris before dinner, this is the short day took an hour away with daylight savings.
Things are starting to pop/pip in crazy fashion, so it is soon going to be HOSTA TIME......

...more later, especially about Mark Zilis new Field Guide. You (and Jo) simply MUST get it. Stayed up late reading it last night, took notes which I will expand on at a later time in a new thread. See youse guys later.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I'm going to pick up the field guide tomorrow...I still have a credit from a Christmas gift to redeem. :-).

Mocc, and you too Don...I envy you guys gardening already...we had more snow flakes, but they melted pretty well away . We have plus 5 tomorrow then by Wednesday back down to -7, then -9 for Thurs, then back to plus 1 for Friday...still crazy weather with huge snow banks!

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Jo, I feel for you. You will find solace reading the Field Guide as you wait for the days to warm.

When we were kids, we would list all the "good pages" in a book for later readers. In this Guide, too many good pages to list. Many questions asked on our forum seem to be answered.

You will enjoy the book...I do believe. ;)

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