Buds, Blooms and Other Stuff

kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)February 19, 2010

Can't remember if I already posted some of these - buds and blooms since January 1.

Hoya bella Luis Bois

Hoya lacunosa snowcaps buds

Hoya lacunosa snowcaps

Hoya scortechinii buds (blasted...twice)

Hoya retusa

Hoya cv Iris Marie

Hoya brevialata buds

Hoya brevialata

Hoya nummuralioides

Terrarium (aquarium from Goodwill)with Hoya imbricata, Dischidia hirsuta, and Dischidia platyphylla mounted on Swamp Sticks!

Dischidia vidalii

Butterwort (?) carnivorous plant

Sundew (?) carnivorous plant

PVC Stand $3 @ Goodwill - future plant stand!

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Forgot Hoya DS-70 or whatever the EA version is:

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Awesome pictures!!! I might have to track down a bella ,,, that bloom is stunning. Thanks for sharing!


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Beautiful pictures, Kelly....I love what you've done with H. imbricata...all of your blooms are gorgeous...you truly must have a "green" thumb...congratulations!! Fondly, Patrick

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Beautiful photos of your plants Kelly!

I was excited to see your Hoya scortechinii, that's one I should not have passed up when I had the chance. Does your plant show veining on it's leaves at all? Here's hoping that those buds develop.

The Hoya imbricata that I got last year is starting to grow now but it took a while to settle in. I have one on cork and one on tree fern and they both look happy. Have your plants been mounted on the swamp sticks long?


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Kelly, as usual I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures! Congrats on all your buds/blooms...you take great pics! Your imbricata seems to be doing very well...you sure seem to have the knack! Great job! Thanks for posting.

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Kelly thanks for sharing such lovely blooms. They were certainly nice to see on a dreay day like we're having today.
Ann in So Ut

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Jan Sword

Great photos!! so many are iun bloom, you are doing great!

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Thanks! I don't think any other hobby has ever drawn me in like these darn plants!

Jennifer- if you can find the H bella Luis Bois definitely get it! The flowers really are stunning and the foliage is beautiful- literally brightens up the room! Mine is an Exotic Angel. I think cowboyflowerman on eBay carries them sometimes as well.

Mike, I got scorthechinii in last year's DL order. Have already taken one cutting from it and it's grown 3 peduncles. It's budded twice, but has blasted both times. The leaves do have darker veins, but it's kind of subtle due to a sort of stained glass look. Mine have some spots on them as well, but that may be environmental. I love the buds - very irridescent with that pink dot in the middle, but TINY! Will take some leaf photos tomorrow.

I just transferred the imbricata from bark to the Swampstick about a month ago. It was actively growing at the time of transfer and is continuing to grow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! The Swampsticks are VERY clever!


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