Blooms Anyone?

moonwolf_gwFebruary 17, 2010

Hi everyone,

Anyone's hoyas starting to bud up or in bloom right now?

My lacunosa is budding up right now and should bloom here pretty soon. I spotted a smaller second peduncle a few days ago! I guess I have a happy plant!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Nothing actually in bloom here at the moment, but while in the gh watering day before yesterday I did notice that the hoyas have sprung to life and are actively growing and I did see a few new peduncles as well.

My pink flowering heuschkeliana has buds that should be open any day now and cv. Christine has multiple peduncles full of buds in various stages of development.


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Both Hoya lambii and callistophylla just finished blooming and are already working on more buds. Hoya lacanosa has a few peduncles worth of blooms open and Hoya blashernazii is getting ready to open it's buds soon. Hoya carnosa just finished blooming and Hoya DS-70 and multiflora are almost constantly in bloom. It looks like Hoya caudata is starting some buds which is nice because the last set dropped because I was late watering by a day or two.


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Lacunosa, pallida,obscura, and incurvula are blooming now. Budding up are heuschkelliana, multiflora/javanica, a few others I can't name off the top of my head. I'm watchin' them all close as it's the time of year they change daily. I have to get a new camera before any new ones start blooming - my not-very-old Cannon works, but the macro setting quit working. I mean, that's THE setting I use most. DANG!

Denise in Omaha

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

I've recently had lacunosa, Iris Marie and cv sunrise bloom. Nummularioides, bella, and D. vidalii are in currently bloom. Time permitting, I'll post pictures tonight!


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maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)

I have buds on Hellwigiana, Mulitflora and AH0240. Hopefully the buds on Mulitflora will make it this time. Like Mike, I was late watering the last time and they fell off. Helliwigiana had a young peduncle on it when I got it, but it is just now starting to form buds. AH0240 has had very slow to come buds, going on a couple of months now. But I am happy to report there is quite a bit of new growth, which to me is very exciting b/c until lately it just sat there. The new leaves are grayish in color and almost wooly they're so fuzzy. Kinda reminds me of pussywillows.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

No blooms...but have some buds on my Lacunosa. So many hoyas so little bloom :o(

Congrats to all that have blooming and soon to bloom hoyas!
Looking forward to pictures.

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Jan Sword

I have multiflora in bloom. Variegated macrophylla, yellow heuskelianain are buds.

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I have no flowers but I do have buds on bella(lots),vaccinioides,multifloa and pachyclada.Lucunosa tove has been flowering on and off all winter but is now resting.
This winter has been very warm for us on the west coast so my hoyas have been growing all winter long. Coronaria has 5 vines that have grown about 4 or 5 feet since it came in in the fall.


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My Hoya polyneura has had peduncles all over it for about a year... and nothing has ever happened with them, they just stay small. *sad face*
However, I do have a Hoya Polynera (or a carnosa, I cant remeber) that has peduncle on it that I noticed today! Woo!

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tobycross(5a & b)

My multiflora has buds and I will take a picture when in bloom.

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