Tiara Family of Hostas

donrawson(Z 5)February 5, 2012

How many Tiaras do you grow? Here's a list of all the cultivars in the Tiara family. Let's see how many photos we can post of those listed below.

Tiara Family of Hostas

Amber Tiara


Crystal Tiara

Diamond Tiara

Diamonds are Forever

Emerald Scepter

Emerald Tiara

Flame Tiara

Gilded Tiara

Glen Tiara

Gold Heart

Golden Scepter

Golden Tiara

Grand Gold

Grand Prize

Grand Tiara

Heavenly Tiara

Ivory Tiara

Jade Scepter

Jade Tiara

Lime Tiara

Margaret Mary Tiara

Opal Scepter

Opal Tiara

Pearl Tiara

Platinum Tiara

Ribbon Tiara

Silver Tiara

Streaked Tiara

Sunny Tiara

Topaz Tiara


Golden Tiara around Sum and Substance:

Grand Tiara around Variegated Solomon's Seal:

Platinum Tiara in front of Fantastic:

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Grand Tiara (with a few divisions sporting to Amber Tiara or similar)

and pic of sport(Amber Tiara?) sorting itself out-

Royal Tiara

Platinum Tiara

Heavenly Tiara


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i used to have them all ....

and then they continued to find new ones in TC .. and doubled how many there were ...

and now i only have half of them ... but for the weaklings that committed suicide ... say.. yellow with white ... the terminals .. etc ...

back in 1998 at the national.. at my garden.. walters gardens sent the whole collection they had in TC .... and i remember peeps 4 deep taking pix.. it was quite a buzz..

the first row on their bellies.. the second on knees ... the third bending slightly so the 4th row could peer over their shoulders ...


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

I only have Golden Tiara,and Grand Tiara. Last year I dug up my Grand Tiaras,because they were getting overrun by soil washing downhill,and burying them. I had to move them because they were getting smaller because of being planted too deep. I separated them into smaller plants,and planted a line of them around my Japanese Maple. I am looking forward to seeing them come up this spring. Phil

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

I had no idea there are so many Tiaras.


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Don, you've pictured, but not listed, Royal Tiara. I love it's twisted look, but Hallson's has warned me that it reverts. Golden, Amber, and Emerald grow so well for me that I wanted to add more. Nance

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Here are my Tiaras with the exception of Heavenly Tiara which has been in a decline since I got it in 2005

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donrawson(Z 5)

Regarding Royal Tiara, Zilis says it's probably not part of the Tiara family of hostas (those related to Golden Tiara). Closer examination of Royal Tiara since the time of registration indicates that Royal Tiara came from Gold Edger. See the entry for Royal Tiara in The Hostapedia, page 797. Read the "origin" and "comments" sections.

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I am thinking about changing out my Golden Tiara for another of the others. Could this group advise me as to which of the Tiaras is believed to have the "whitest' coloration?

Peter Kelley
St Paul, MN USA

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


Likely Diamond Tiara or perhaps Platinum Tiara.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Don R., Paul and McTavish: you all have a beautiful variety of Tiaras...I have two, thought I would add another one last year but it ended up being shipped to the nursery where I purchased it mislabelled! I will show it anyway as it is still possible it IS a Tiara.

Don, I love the design with Golden Tiara!

Here is Golden scepter before division.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Golden Tiara...one of three that were divided last spring - beautiful little hosta.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Here is my cute NOID that was labelled as a Royal Tiara...had I known at the time what it SHOULD have looked like I would have asked the staff to I.d. it. It'll be a year older this year...hoping we'll have success at identifying it at flowering time.

What stumped the attempts at identifying it was that my nose discovered the flowers were fragrant!

It also has a variegated sport attached to it (which may, or may not be a GT...or a PT which I am hoping it is). As usual, it's a wait-and-see game isn't it? :-)....as is the detection of fragrance discovery.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Don, I am pleased that you are featuring a thread on the tiaras.

I've had mine for several years...bought it around 2005. It's hard to believe Golden Tiara has been around since 1977! It is one of those "workhorses" ... Dependable and reliable and pretty resilient, being able to withstand lots of sun exposure and drought as well. It makes a great ground cover or edger and maintains a delightful mound. It is a hosta that everyone should have at least one of, IMO. ...(and because it is a superstar as well...having won awards and revolutionizing the world of "small hosta". Definitely worth a few minutes of one's time to read up on this one if one is not familiar with it. :-)

Thank you for bringing attention to such a sweet little hosta. I had no idea there were so many in this family! I'm going now to google these names you've provided.


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bkay2000(8a TX)

I had Diamond Tiara for years and it did well in a pot. It acquired a virus and had to be trashed. I just ordered a Diamonds are Forever from Chris.


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I have Amber Tiara, Diamond Tiara, Diamonds are Forever, Emerald Tiara, Golden Tiara, Grand Prize, Grand Tiara, Heavenly Tiara and Platinum Tiara. That is, if they all made it through the Winter. Too soon to tell.

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'Diamond Tiara'. I like it, it's a pretty little hosta. Looking at Jo's pic, seems I should get a 'Golden Tiara' as well.

Don B.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I also think your Diamond needs a Golden sister! It would tickle me pink to think that I might have enabled you, Don..you being a great enabler! :-)

G'wan, get yourself one, you NEED it...there are so many places she would fit in in your gardens...were you not looking for ground covers awhile back?
Take another look at Don R.'s pic above if you need any more nudging... hint...hint...nudge...nudge. LOL. Just here to help.

This post was edited by josephines67 on Tue, Apr 8, 14 at 0:56

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Here is my Golden Tiara that and Gold Standard. It is peeking just behind the day lily. Not the best showing in the shade and early in the season. I love all the yellows!!!! Thanks for sharing everyone.

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Here is an older pic--but better of two of my favorite together.

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