Is this Hoya finlaysonii?

SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)February 14, 2010

This plant was donated to our Botanical Garden's house plant propagation group and tentatively identified as Hoya finlaysonii. The color of the flowers doesn't seem quite right, though, so we would like to get a definitive id.

Thanks for your help!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Not sure...but that flower sure is BEAUTIFUL! The color is so pretty. Mine's not bloomed yet...but from the pics I've seen of Finlaysonii blooms the color doesn't match? It might also be the camera or the lighting when the pic was taken. The leaves on yours resemble mine. So many different varieties out there, I'm still learning. Will look forward to someone iding this one for you. What a NICE donation! Thanks for the picture!

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Hmmmm....I would say give it another day or two and let the blooms open up fully and take another picture for us if you would please.

The leaf does look like finlaysonii, but it will be the flower that will help the experts ID it for you.

I agree with Pug , what a very nice donation to your Botanical Garden. Good luck with your ID.

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There is huge variation within the species Hoya finlaysonii. Both the flower colour and the leaf size, shape, texture and colour. Your plants leaves look very much like my Hoya finlaysonii Chanin Thout (collection site in Thailand? not to sure) that came from Paul Shirley's collection.
I would leave the label as it is with just Hoya finlaysonii.


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