My First Naylor Creek Order

don_in_coloradoFebruary 6, 2014

Have to get some hostas from these guys. Naylor Creek looks awesome. Never ordered from here. So far, I have

JURASSIC PARK and...? I don't know yet, at least 2-3 more. maybe 4...5...Plus a couple more fragrants...Here we go...

So far, so good...Just thought I'd share the beginnings of my order with you all. ("The Ones I Know Who'll Care") Sometimes I get a little depressed in the middle of winter and have to do what it takes to cheer me up a bit...ORDER HOSTAS! : )

Don B.

EDIT: Adding 'Arc de Triomphe'. Thanks, Denis. You're becoming an excellent enabler.

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mountainy man z8 Ireland

The group therapy helps doesn't it Don?

Nice list, Viking ship and Clear fork river valley look really nice. Do you have Arc de triomphe yet its on one of my many many lists.

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Group therapy is great! I feel so much better already. I don't have 'Arc de Triomphe' but I love it. Maybe I will tack it onto this order, since you mentioned it, and since they have it.

Don B.

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Group therapy? Works for me!!!!

I got my Diana Remembered from Naylor. Her new sport, Royal Wedding, is available this year too. Mine is on order from Hallson.

Naylor Creek hosta are doing fine in my garden, Don. No complaints at all, the Boyz are fun to talk to, Jack or Gary. I never hesitate to is great group therapy in action. I'm sure you'll make a return call soon after this one, you know you forgot one.....or you decide to add one from their HostaLibrary Auctions since it will ship with the others in the for a penny, in for a dollar.....enjoy.

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zkathy(7a NC)

CFRV is one of the ones on my list that I'm most excited about. I think you already have the others I'm eager for. Do you have Golden Gate or King Tut?

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Moc ,
After you mentioned a few fragrant plants from Hosta Choice. I relooked over the list and found a bunch more from my already over the top order. Wonder if I can hide them under a tree or two. I am not going to tell the total
( thanks for group therapy!) It works for me too!

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mountainy man z8 Ireland

You're welcome Don, she's a beauty, enjoy!

Getting giddy for spring, been getting my plant name markers ready and had to order new tape for the p touch.

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Kathy, I don't have 'King Tut' or Golden Gate' but both those plants are fantastic. I do have 'Mister Watson' a sport from KT that basically IS King Tut with a thin dark green margin. Golden Gate is a plant I'd LOVE; I still have never seen a creation from Olga Petryszyn that I didn't like. I do have 'Key West' which is another beauty gold from Olga.

Hi Mocc; Yup, I certainly value your opinion when it comes to mail-order sources. Combine that with the plants I have seen that they sell, plus 100% positive word-of-mouth within our forum, and I'm sure I'll love what will be delivered to me. I do need more fragrants, so 'Tea At Betty's' I think gets on the order. Also 'Fragrant Queen' better get on board! 'Irish Luck'-check! 'Silver Serenity' looks beautiful. I'll get it Well, better go to bed. I will choose some more tomorrow.

Thanks & Goodnight, Peeps,

Don B.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Leno just signed off for good and now I need something between The Tonight Show and opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I have not checked out Naylor Creek yet. Time to do so! Paula

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Don, SILVER SERENITY you say! Is it fragrant? I missed seeing that one. Not too late for an addition to my order with Naylor, you know.

(what am I saying! am I forgetting how many I have already in the garden? I stopped counting last year but estimate the spring orders will put me at 500....oh well, I'm tiptoeing through the tulips quite happily and musing to myself while my black car is covered with a coat of frost this morning)....must stop talking to myself.

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Hi Mocc,

'Silver Serenity' is not fragrant that I know of, but when I looked it up in the librbary after seeing it for sale at NC, I just had to have it.

500? Wow, and probably about (maybe) half of those are fragrants? Nice work!

Don B.

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Don, I think I might have all the fragrant ones, with very few exceptions, that are commercially available from Don Rawson's Fragrant Flowered list. Of course, I'm still looking for White Triumphator, Willamette, Quesadilla, and perhaps some recent additions to the list if he has updated it for this year. I may not have everything on the list, but I'm giving it a good college try!

Cannot express how disappointed I was to learn that Stargate is sterile. Drats! I hope it has lots of "sporting blood." A lot of the fragrants are hesitant about fertility, even mama herself. Too bad there is no test to determine hosta fertility, like there is for HDX. I guess there is no way to know until a hosta fails to produce viable seed?

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Mocc, was wondering if you also have 'Grasshopper' and 'Morning Angel'? They're Savory introductions, fragrant, and I discovered them today while poring over Savory's Hostas online catalog? I know you have 'Dan Patch'. My guess is 'yes' you DO have them, but you know what they say about ASSuming things. ; )

Don B.

Oh! And, if you do have 'em, would you recommend 'em? Thanks!

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Don, you threw me another curve ball with Grasshopper; it must be a recent developments from Savory. Who knows how many years some have been in the Savory pipeline to emerge now, but when I call them with my spring order, you can bet Grasshopper will be included.

And thanks for the head's up on any fragrants you spot. Incidentally, I'll have to check Don Rawson's Fragrant list to see if Grasshopper is included there.

Here is Morning Angel in June 2013. I don't have a photo of its scape or recall its bloom time.

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