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old_dirt(5b)February 16, 2014

I just put my mail order in for a new bed I created last fall and should be ready to plant this spring. Originally it was supposed to be a "sunshine" theme but I made some changes for cost consideration and able to get these all from the same supplier. Not sure how these are all going to mix but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

American Sweetheart
Little Sunspot
Love Pat
Secret Love
So Sweet
Sun Power
Sunlight Child
Sunshine Glory
Sweet Innocence
Yesterday's Memories

Anyone see any special considerations or problems here?


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Dear Old Dirt: Your question: "Anyone see any special considerations or problems here? "

Yes. There are far too many in the mix. Send me half of them at once. Your choice. ; )

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Well, up in MI you can probably put Love Pat and Secret Lovein the sun okay, but aren't they the only BLUEs you have in the mix?

Sunshine Glory looks beautiful, will be a very big loose growing hosta, or at least that is what mine looks capable of becoming. Not familiar with Sunlight Child nor Cherish, the only two I do not have in my garden.

If you discover one doesn't live up to your expectations, then look for one which does. I have some suggestions for your relief pitchers:
Paradise Sunshine
Sunny Delight
Sunny Disposition
Rainforest Sunrise
Sweet Sunshine
The Shining
Gosan Sunproof
Essence of Summer
It occurs to me that Don Rawson may well have a Theme list for this.....wanna bet? :)

It should be a real fun bed to put together. All the plants sound great to me (I have most of them myself) go with what you can get, cannot argue with being realistic.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i think the sunshine topic.. was the names .. yes???

i have two questions.. how big is the space...

and what are the trees the bed is under ... and a tangent.. how will you plant under said trees...

otherwise.. brilliant list...


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The only one I have had issues with is So Sweet. It comes up earlier than other hosta I have and is a favorite of rabbits. In my experience rabbits are creatures of habit and since its the only one up, they start grazing on it and then continue all summer long. I moved it to the north side of my house which thaws out later and sure enough, last summer there was no noticeable nibbling. If you don't have rabbit issues - go ahead and plant it anywhere; it grows in sun or shade.

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Hostanista...Good one and I appreciate your concern there, funny thing is there really is to many for the space I've made but guess I'll just have to expand elsewhere. If I do run out of space, I'll keep you in mind.

Moccasinlanding...Thanks for the bull pen list, actually many of them were on my original list but not all available from the same supplier. I had to choose one supplier for variety, cost and shipping considerations. I will get some of them as funds come available.

Ken...Yes the name "sunshine" was the topic or theme but I had to deviate for the above reasons but still aiming for the underlying principal.
The new area is a dog-leg, kind of half moon shape about 20' long by 6' wide. I haven't done the spacing requirements yet but am sure they won't all fit in that space. A couple are mini's and some I will put in containers until I figure it all out.
There is a large stand of pines within 50' and a row of Rose of Sharon within 10'. Within another 30-50 feet there are several Box Elder trees, Black Cherry and some large Maples. This is a neighboring area I can do nothing about.
I would like to plant the majority in the ground but some will have to go in containers. I might consider some type of cages to protect from the maple roots but have no experience with them.

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Beverley...Thank you, yes I do have rabbits, deer and just about every other pest you can imagine. I will try to give So Sweet special consideration to protect it.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

The mini, 'Cherish' I happen to have in sunshine till around 1:30. I read in the book of Little Hostas that in order to maintain a healthy growth rate in a cooler climate, it needs plenty of sunshine. It is pretty small...were you thinking of potting that one up maybe? Since the rabbits eat all of my very low yellow crocuses in the spring right to the ground, I'd be afraid that even a mini hosta might appeal to them as well. :-(. Might be safer further into the garden, higher off the ground?

All the hosta on your list are in the "pretty" category IMO. :-)

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Josephine...I do intend to put the Cherish and Sunlight Child in pots for sure and possibly elevate them some among the permanent plantings. I will try to put them in as much sunlight as possible.

I've given up on crocuses and tulips because of the rabbits here. I am starting to interplant a few miniature daffodils now for early color. Nothing seems to bother them.

Thank you...old_dirt

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gardens1(5b ON)

Hostanista, you almost had me fall off my chair... good quick thinking!

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Gardens1 - You're in my backyard. I'll sell you half of what Old Dirt sends me. At a cost, of course.....

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gardens1(5b ON)

Yesterday's Memories is on my list...Let me know if Jerry sends it your way!

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Love a good sense of humor!!!

This new bed will probably be a work in progress for several years as I have room to expand and merge with other beds.
So don't hold your breath just yet on any extras...

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gardens1(5b ON)

Jerry, we will wait with bated breath to see the results!

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I agree Yesterday's Memories is a sweet hosta! I have it here in the upper left of the picture, with Sunny Disposition in front of it. And to the right Twist of Lime. I'm very fond of the golds, which can take more sun than the blues.

Olddirt, you have a lot of enjoyment ahead of you with your new bed.

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