My Organic Pest-Control System Hit a Snag

don_in_coloradoFebruary 4, 2013

My cat loves to spend so much time outside hunting mice and voles, that I got him a doghouse if he doesn't want to come in at night. He wasn't quite sure how to tackle THIS pest, so I had to evict his unwelcome visitor with a couple of firecrackers; didn't know raccoons could run that fast...isn't he just precious? (til it starts tearing a hole into my attic)!

Now I need to upgrade to a bobcat or a lynx!

Don B.

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Yep, Don, I've noticed that cats get along with wild urban critters such as coons, possums, foxes. Before we paneled our back porch with Lexan over the screening, we had Carolina wrens nesting on the broom rack, and the coons were caught dragging off a 25 lb bag of dog food. Party time!

Your uninvited guest sure looks comfortable.

Since we now have two girl dachshunds (well, one is in training) who hunt things like squirrels and rabbits, the coons avoid our garden. So do the cats.

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