2008 hosta pics by Papou

almosthookedFebruary 17, 2014


Not sure if I can repost this but there are so many nice hosta from this old posting. I tried to bump but it wouldn't happen. Well worth the look

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

You forgot to copy the last 5 characters...

Here's the complete link..


Here is a link that might be useful: 2008 Hosta pics by Papou

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i never understood his drive to count pips..

but he had the time of his life doing it...

and i respected him for whatever made him happy ...


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Wow, this man's hostas looked as good as anyone's, anywhere.

R.I.P. Papou, I wish I'd had the pleasure...

Don B.

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Thank you so much for the completed address Peiter. I guess when I was doing the paste/copy I missed those last #s. I was in AWE over the pictures and wish I had had the pleasure of knowing this man. Wonderful hostas and I bet full of knowledge some of us could find useful
Thanks also to cowboy for the email stating the same

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bernd ny zone5

Papou had that wonderful web site of his wonderful gardens (plural) around his house which was at a lake. It seemed that every hosta was a big and perfect clump. R.I.P.
His family seemed to have discontinued his website, would have been nice to continue to have access to it. Bernd

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tsbccowboy(Minnesota zone 4B)

Papou's photobucket site still exists.

Papou's Photobucket site

Here is a link that might be useful: Papou's photobucket site

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Papou was a real gem!

I still have a Liberty which I planted in his memory!

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bernd ny zone5

I bookmarked that site, yes, these are his many gardens. My h.'Liberty' was planted the year he left. I think the 'Liberty' on top of the GW Hosta Forum is in his memory in part.

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zkathy(7a NC)

What an incredible wealth of information and an incredible legacy! Thank you Papou, for your bequeath, RIP, you have left behind something that has made a difference for others.

Is there any chance that his photobucket account will go inactive?

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I just spent some time going thru' Papou's website! How wonderful is it that we have access to all that priceless
information! I am going to be 88 in a couple of months and I love this machine. I think it is the greatest invention since sliced bread!( an old saying!) Thank you Papou !!!

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Rosie, hope all of us continue to discover Papou's glorious hosta gardens for many years to come. And, you keep celebrating birthdays using your computer! Happy Birthday!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Rosie in Oregon...you go, girl!!!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I, too love to count pips...a sure way to know your hosta is multiplying...what's better than that? Oh yes, more hosta is! Lol

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Good to browse through Papou's photos for more reasons than one. I noticed this time that his albums are organized by views of a particular hosta bed or planting area. IF my plants were planted in the ground and not moved around as they are in pots, this would be a very good way of quickly identifying the hostas by name.
As it stands in my garden, the pots are too movable, too likely to have a different neighbor by the next time I snap a picture. Therefore, I must go through my photos (after I download them from camera to computer) and assign each one a name. As many photos as I take (not perfect like McTavish or SteveMass or others), I sometimes forget which one it is, cannot read the name tag, and thus wind up going out with a flashlight after dark (when I get around to the tag word process) to read the hosta names.
Plus, when I turn my albums on slideshow, I try to identify each photo as it fills the monitor for 5 or so seconds. I'm getting pretty good at it, at least by dormancy time last year I was good at it. For those which I cannot remember for their looks, I will find a symbol to place in the pot, plant it in a very special pot, or some other clue that fits the name.
For instance, I have TOTALLY TWISTED (here since 2012) paired with a purple twisted funky plastic drinking straw. It hasn't decomposed in 4 years, looks fine to me. Also, I have the small ceramic figurines to go in some special pots of FUNKY MONKEY (a small monkey), WHITE ELEPHANT (a small white elephant), KING TUT (head of King Tut), and of course statues for my fragrant hostas APHRODITE, VENUS, ATHENA. I'm looking for suitably sized statues for POSEIDON, NEPTUNE, and Apollo for SUN POWER.
Having a sense of humor that is not so low key, I also have a very special set of pot feet for my H. DERRIERE, you sure cannot miss it.

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