Took a break but I'm back again

tigerdawn(7)February 14, 2010

Hey guys! I was on here a lot last year and then I got sucked into vegetable gardening for a while. But I was looking at some hoyas again the other day and I HAD to come back again! I missed it here!

Here are some current pictures of my collection. This is from my grandmother's carnosa, the one that started my lifelong love of hoyas. Mom gave it to me last summer. It bloomed so much at her office that the coworkers complained of the sap and the smell!

Here's a carnosa I got as a cutting from a professor in college in 2004

DS-70 from EA in 2008ish

Krimson Princess from EA in 2009. I've been bad about letting it revert.

H. carnosa Chelsea from BigBox this fall

H. wayetii (if I remember right) cuttings that took forever to root but are doing well now! From a trade last summer.

Same trading spree, but a compacta this time. Also slow to root but making it.

If anyone sees a vine they'd like, I'd be happy to trade for hoyas I don't have!

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Your plants look awesome! Thanks for sharing all your photos! And Welcome back! :0)

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Welcome back, TigerDawn! I love all your plants!
I don't see how anyone could not like the fragrance of a hoya (unless it does have a foul smell or people have a sensitive nose or allergies).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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trish_robertson(z8 Tx)

Hi Tigerdawn,
I would love to have a start of your DS-70. I can trade you a fishtail hoya.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Welcome back Tigerdawn! Nice to see you posting again. Nice and healthy hoyas you have there. Its hard to stay away from this forum for long :o)

Hi Brad, I have to say that I can see how some people can find a certain fragrance a "bit much". I've had to take my Lacunosa and my KP/KQ outside when I have several blooming at the same time. For me it can become very strong and overpowering. As a matter of fact I grow most of my larger hoyas outside most of the year due to space and the overpowering scent when they are all blooming at the same time. It can give me a headache,lol...

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Hi Tigerdawn, welcome back. . .

I think I recognize the wayettii, I was wonderin how it was doing for you. I have to say it's bigger than the one I started with, and is looking very happy. You have some very nice looking hoyas BTW. . .

Hers a picture of mamma . . the one that started my love for hoyas. . it's hard to believe it was once smaller than yours.


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Thank you everyone!!

Trish- I'd love a cutting of your fishtail! Should we wait till spring?

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