6 in hanging pots!

quinnfyre(z7 PA)February 9, 2011

Just to share, SRQ will be offering 6 in hanging pots soon! I find this exciting, because I haven't really been able to find these anywhere. I gave in and potted wayetti in a 10 or 12 in hanging pot, but I kind of didn't mind if this delayed it from blooming for a while. They are pretty flowers but oh so sticky and sappy, and right now I rent and it is over carpet. If I spy any peduncles, I'm going to have to get a plastic sheet to put under it before it blooms.

I don't know if this helps anyone in Canada - very sorry if it doesn't :( - but I know a bunch of people have been looking for the 6 in pots, so I thought I'd pass the news on.

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Violet Barn also sells 6" hanging pots that I like using. Their hanging apparatus is all wire so it stores away nice and flat until you need to put them to use. They have the kind of saucer that snaps away, similar to EA design, but without the twist.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Hey, they changed their website. Guess I haven't been there in a while. Partially because I really really don't need any more violets. That hanging pot and I would not get along. I need to be able to see the water level in the saucer, as I grow the vast majority of plants in my room, where I have no access to a sink or a drain. I like to water my plants until I see water start to flow into the saucer, and also, not get plant water all over the carpet ;) But if you don't have these issues, I see no reason why this hanging pot wouldn't work as well.

Did you ever go on the search for their dogs to write down the secret message so you can get a free plant? It's kinda fun. Sometimes, it is time consuming instead, ha.

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You'd better believe I search for those dogs! Often at work, because I'm an awesome employee! I notice they now have a further way to get free plants but I can't quite understand it. You write a review... about a plant of theirs you have already received, I guess, post it on FB and they will send you a free plant with your next order... and then the rest of the explanation I can't figure out.

I'm desperately relieved they revamped the site a bit because it used to aggravate me so much that I was tempted to write them and say: hey, send me a box of free plants and I'll redesign your website for you.

I similarly avoid VB b/c ... I don't need any more violets either. And yet, if I look at them, I want more anyway. I read yesterday that there are cafes in Tokyo where you can go snuggle with cats. Which makes a lot of sense because kittens are a commodity that you always want more of, despite the protests of your prefrontal cortex. I wonder if it would help me if I could go to a cafe and putter around with someone else's collection of plants for a while, whenever I was feeling on the verge of making another expensive purchase.

Yeah, I usually lift my plants down when I water them, but when I'm in a hurry and I don't, I get water dripping everywhere. Why does it always seem more water comes out than what you put in?

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GG,I took my son to Tokyo for his grad gift last spring.I went to one of those Kittie cafes.It was so nice to spend an hour playing with all the cats. Japanese really like there cats and dogs.On every block they have animal stores/pet sitters.Almost every one I saw had a dog.They have them all dressed up.All the restaurants had signs posted to tell you what size dog was allowed to come in with you.Even my hotel had a dogie drinking bar out side its door
.Ok sorry for going off topic.

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That is so cool that you have been to one of those Kittie cafes! I'm so excited to hear an genuine review! I haven't been to Japan yet, but when I do go I'll definitely try to go to one. I understand they have them for different animals, too.

I just love the stories about dog size signs and doggie bars. Every city seems to have something you wish you import back home, doesn't it?


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There is a good place to order pots from called plasticflowerpots.net. These are Dillon pots which are nice and sturdy. They have all sizes and a great price. 6" are 5 for $7, 10 for $12.50 and so on. I like Dillon pots, they also have many other growing supplies. I spoke with the lady on the phone and she was really nice.

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The only problem with that site are the shipping charges.

Thanks for the link tho!

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Sorry, just trying to be helpful.

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I usually get mine from Awanda. I'll put a link to her site below. She has both 4.5" and 6" plastic white hanging pots. In fact, I'm about due for an order of both myself! Oh, and she often sells Hoya cuttings, too.

Denise in Omaha

Here is a link that might be useful: AC's Agape Plants

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Thanks for the heads up Denise. I didn't know she was still in the biz.


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