Looking for a Hoya Pauciflora or Hoya New Guinea

neptunestarFebruary 8, 2009


I was wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to purchase or get a cutting of Hoya Pauciflora and,(or) Hoya New Guinea in the USA? I would gladly appreciate it. :) Thanks

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Ted Green has pauciflora on his list. Probably has the New Guinea one, though I don't know if that's an actual sp. name or an unnamed. Check out his catalog.

Denise in Onmaha

Here is a link that might be useful: Ted's catalog

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I traded for a cutting of Hoya pauciflora last summer and I have found it to be difficult to grow, not a single new leaf or any growth since then. This is a cool growing species so I attribute the miserable growth rate to having too high temperatures in my growing area. I also have trouble with other cool growers like Hoya lanceolata bella and Hoya polyneura. Just a thought but temperature tolerance of plants plays a big role in whether you can grow them well or not. Does anyone else struggle with this species?
David Liddle has Hoya pauciflora listed as well, just in case your involved in one of the group orders for the spring.


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Hey, sorry to bring up this dinosaur thread, but I was toodling around looking up H. pauciflora and found this. I got a few cuttings of this a couple of years ago, and it is my second best grower. No die back or leaf loss. I kept lopping the long vines in two and popping them back in the pot with a smidge of rooting hormone, and now have a full little 4 inch pot that will likely need a 6 inch this year. I have to celebrate my successes with hoyas, as I have a boatload of failures (serpens, curtisii to name a few).

Here's what I provide, and it seems to really like it. I grow mine cool and bright. House gets down to 15 or 16 at night (winter temps). It seems to tolerate drying out well, and grows in spurts during the summer and fall. No growth in winter, while my others hoyas give the odd bit of growth. I'm hoping for some flowers and googled what they look like. How lovely!

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I have to agree that this one grows easily for me (although I clearly haven't had it as long as you!) I keep it cool as well, in fact, I moved it onto the windowsill so that it could get a bit cold this winter and it seemed to like it. It did keep growing during the winter months. Here it is now:

I'd love to see some pictures of your potful of pauciflora!

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Oh, incidentally, although I'm not the hugest fan of thread resurrection,

(b/c I'm an idiot and it always takes me 10 minutes to figure out that most of the conversation I'm reading is 2 years old... and in fact, routinely think it's a new thread even when I was THERE when the thread was originally posted... )

I still think it's always awesome when someone randomly shares their method of success with a plant.

(Also, I did figure out that this was an old thread before I posted, but probably a good 5 minutes after I read the bit where you talk about resurrecting it. Because I've got a mind like a steel trap, or at least a mind like a bear caught in a steel trap.)

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It also just so happens that my Hoya pauciflora has settled in and is putting out several nice long new vines. I think that if my plant were in a little larger pot it would do better but I have to agree that this one seems fine with drying out. Now I just have to pay extra attention to it while the leaves develop because I don't want to chance it drying out at that time and dropping the leaves.

Taken today, grown in a 4" hanging pot.


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Nice! I'd say it settled in! Too funny the way it sprouts those fun little clusters. It looks like a Hoya playing at being a spider plant. What is the length of the internodes on those long vines?

This season is so stressful for me, because I HATE losing new leaves to underwatering. I seem to be doing okay so far, but I'm sure my streak won't last.

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The internodes are about 2" so it should look nice and full once the leaves develop. For the first time climbing vines are developing so hopefully that means there will be lots of new growt this spring.


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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Pauciflora hates me. This is one I may give up on...

Beautiful plant, Mike!

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/Mike: Two inches! Yes that is just perfect.

/Kelly: I feel the same way about longifolia. I feel like one day, I will pass it onto my grandchildren and it will still have 4 leaves.

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