Spiral White Fly

zoo-katie(FL10)August 1, 2012

Hi everyone been awhile since I have been on here just curious if anyone else is dealing with the newest white fly the 'spiral or gumbo limbo white fly', there is also another name got it at work can't rememer now, anyway this is becoming a huge problem now at the zoo its not species specific it seems to infect any and everything and needs repeated systemic treatments which is a problem for us as we can't treat with Safari or Merit in an animal exhibit or where treated leaves can fall into water, dousing a big tree with Neem Oil or Safer is not feasible any ideas? or thoughts?

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Sounds like a tough problem, if you can't use a systemic and spraying with Neem Oil or Safer is out of the question (didn't really seem to help with my trees anyway). Most solutions I've seen involve either a systemic or a combination of systemic and just spraying with a strong jet stream of water. You might be down to that and ladybugs. They have become a real problem. In my neighborhood in Boca Raton, they are everywhere. My neighbor's gumbo limbo has taken on a silver hue, as have my other neighbor's coconut palms and all the christmas palms are turning white and black from the sooty mold. I have them on my hurricane palms and lemon tree (I even saw eggs on a lemon). Good news is that they don't seem to be killing anything - yet.

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