National Pressure Cooker Co. No. 7 Canner

KuntryGalAugust 24, 2012

Someone gave me a canner that looks to be really old. It is a National Pressure Cooker Co. No. 7.

I have no idea where to buy parts for this.

What appears to be the vent tube can unscrew in two places (the very top & at the bottom, which exposes a spring). It has holes in the body of it and a square hole on top that I'm assuming a counterweight goes on?

What appears to be a pressure valve doesn't have any rubber material that I see.

Is this something that I can buy parts for? Does anyone have a picture and/or owner's manual so I can see the original parts that came on it & compare?

Does anyone know about when it dates back to?

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readinglady(z8 OR)

National Pressure Cooker is the company name (1917) for the Presto company. It became Presto in 1939.

So I'd guess it has to precede 1939 in manufacture. Any canner that old is always iffy, even assuming you could get parts for it. I have linked to one company that lists a sealing ring (have never done business with them so can't personally recommend).

You could contact the Presto company ( for their helpline number and see if they can tell you which parts are interchangeable with later models. A lot of Presto parts are usable with many canners.

You'll still have the issue once it's assembled of checking for warping or other deficiencies.


Here is a link that might be useful: National 7 Sealing Ring

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hmmm I thought I gave you a link to parts supplies on another of your threads here about your 7B model? I linked another source below.

National is Presto, same company just a name change. The Model 7 was fairly common and was manufactured in the 1940's. The wood handled ones are older than the plastic handled ones.

Depending on its care and condition you'll want to replace several parts on it, especially the over-pressure safety valve and you will need to have the gauge tested or replaced. If I recall correctly it was a 16 quart model.

Just Google it by name and model and you can see all sorts of pics and there are several download sources online for the manual.


Here is a link that might be useful: National Mdl. 7 parts

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Yes you did give me a link for my Presto canner question. I didn't know that National Pressure Cooker Co. changed to Presto. This is an additional canner I have that someone gave me. It does have the wooden handles. It must be pretty old. I'll have to just see if any parts are available or if some of the available Presto parts will work on it.

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interestingly, the national no 7 lid complete are interchangeable with the presto 21B.... parts seem to be available at several sites when searching for that. having said that, the gasket is the same but im trying to change over the no 7 to a rocker style vent and the plug looks different. but in a pinch, you could just exchange the whole lid if u could find one....

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I've done business with and been very happy.
They were recommended by several other Master Food Preservers I know and I ordered from them this summer. Shipping was very fast!

Just my experience.

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sheila0(7a So. MD)

Presto uses links to Amazon for a lot of parts for Presto products on their site. Presto has a lot of informaiton about older models, and manuals too.
I just purchased a ring and pressure valve for an old Presto canner, and it's perfect. You may need the serial number from the canner to look it up, but not always. Also, some times the number on the bottom of the canner is NOT the serial number, so check the sides of the canner as well as the bottom. They are different. Some bottom numbers were for inventory information for the company only, so check for the number in two places to make sure.

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