You Know You've Been Gardening Too Long When...

donrawson(Z 5)February 28, 2007

You Know YouÂve Been Gardening Too Long When . . .

You visit a friendÂs home and start pulling their weeds!

You offer your friends manure tea instead of iced tea!

You look at your compost pile and it makes you feel all warm inside!

Your idea of a hot date on a Saturday evening is in the garden hand pollinating plants!

You compost your old shovel to add Ironite to the soil!

You start packing "Weed-B-Gone" in your purse!

You run your fingers through your spouseÂs hair and think it needs dethatching!

You replace your shampoo with Miracle-Gro, water thoroughly, and keep a record of the new growth!

You wake up in the middle of the night and make a note of which plant should be moved where!

You hear someone say "crap" and your first response is to grab a shovel and say "Where?"

Your kids cringe and hold their breath whenever they are in the car and you drive past a garden center!

You plan your family vacation destination around the nurseries you want to visit!

You go say hello to your garden before you go into the house after a vacation!

Your friends and neighbors all hide as soon as the first sign of a zucchini appears!

The ER doctor comes in with your X-rays and you ask him how badly the daisies were hurt when you fell into them!

(Source: Website "Garden Humour 20-20-20")


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Oh boy--that is good!! I think alot of us are well on our way to being able to indentify
with way too many of those!

Still laughing!

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papou(Z5b Ontario)

That's a good one!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

You got it!

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

hitting way to close to home.....

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FlowersForMyFarm(WI z4)

Oh thank goodness those things have happened to others too! I was afraid I was nuts....LOL

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Too true!!!

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tsbccowboy(Minnesota zone 4B)

I prefer to think of it this way "You Know You've Hit Your Stride When...".

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You know you've been gardening too long when your neigbors ONLY recognize you in your P.J.'s cuz WEEKENDS are the only time your neighbor sees you......first thing in the am.....strolling through your garden with a cup of coffee or a camera. Like this photo taken this am. I bundled up. The only REAL clothes were my winter boots. Later, Love, Lisa
P.S. Did I mention that I live in the city.? Yup, that's the Capital City in the background.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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kymmieann(z6 NJ)

you know you have been gardening too long (and addicted to hostas) when you hear or see a hosta name (ex.Lakesie Appliances) and think of what hostas you have with that name.

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bunnycat(z6 NY)

You know you've been at it too long (and too much) when people you absolutely don't know make comments as they are walking by... in January when I was dragging around pails of compost covering up hosta roots exposed by squirrels and voles....

"Out here already getting a head start, huh?" and all of them laughing.

So people I don't even know think I'm a nut case, it's not just family and friends.


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

You know you've been gardening too long when you read your Bible, and the passage says "Lord of Hosts", and at first glance you think it says "Lord of Hostas"!

Although He is the Lord of hostas as well! hee hee


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LOL, Deanna--that is funny! Was that this morning?? Must have been in Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah,
Zechariah or Haggai, or maybe even in 1 Samuel if using KJV!

You know what else is funny--I wanted to be sure of where I thought I knew He is referred to in that way
and did a word search at and when I typed in the exact phrase I wanted to find, and
clicked, and it came up "NO RESULTS"!!! I thought--NO WAY!!!!
Then I rechecked what I had typed and guess what-------you got it---I had typed in
Lord of Hosta!!! Gulp!!!!!

They are one of His great creations for sure! Maybe in "The Garden" the first one was Hosta Plantaginea or
Hosta Royal Standard! Any one been gardening long enough to have "been there" to tell us which one? :O) LOL


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donrawson(Z 5)

Genesis 1:11, 12 shows that God was the first gardener, adorning the earth with a variety of plants. Jesus drew interest to the "lilies of the field" (Matthew 6:28 and Luke 12:27) to illustrate God's providence. Could it have been the August Lily (plantaginea)? Probably not. According to the book "Plants, Flowers and Herbs of the Bible," some scholars say the word translated "lily" is either a generic term referring to flowers in general, while other scholars have suggested the "lily of the field" was a gladiolus, an iris, or a Martigon lily. But if hostas were growing in Palestine 2,000 years ago, I'm sure the Lord appreciated those as well! Don

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When I think of the beauty of so many gardens, today, and try to imagine
what it was like in the "original plan"--it really is incomprehensible!!
And, I really can't "imagine" it without hosta, gladiola's or irises!

I'm so ready for Spring!!!


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

A few years ago, a friend stopped by when I had dragged a bunch of flats of seedlings out to my front porch to start the hardening off process (my front porch is dappled shade so it's perfect for hardening off seedlings). She said, "Wow, are you trying to recreate the Garden of Eden?" And I replied, "You know it!" (she knows I'm a gardening fanatic) And she said, "I think what you're really trying to do is to get Adam to show up!" I nearly fell over laughing!

And Janice, when I was reading about the "Lord of Hostas" I was in Psalms.


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Got a chuckle out of these. . .Thanks for sharing Don. I pass most of them. . hehe
My grandsons stay with me often. They are well aware. . I brake for garden centers. Jude (three years old) keeps telling me I have enough plants already. According to him I need more toys. . lol . . Noah knows that if Granny is happy . . well that increases his chance at the grocery store. . lol

One of the biggest complaints my visitors (non gardeners) have when they set in my garden with me is that I keep getting up and pulling a weed, fluffing mulch or such. They tell me to relax! I tell them, I am relaxing! I like to look after my sweeties. . .
and. . Yes, I DO have to set on my hands so that I will not pull weeds in others gardens. . lol

Sidney, looking forward to someday roaming Heaven's Hosta Patch with THE Master Gardner/Lighting System of Heaven

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Sidney--it will be wonderful won't it and Deanna, I do love the 24th and the 46th and the 48th
where the exact phrase "Lord of Hosts" is used and I'm guessing the 46th is most often turned to
by the majority of those who are familiar with the Psalms, especially when "striving" with life
and the troubles we all experience. :o)

And, Sidney, I even have to nip the seed pods off daylilies in the landscaping
of the Red Lobster we frequent and other places of business I find myself entering
and leaving from who also have them growing in their surroundings. It's a compulsion
and my husband is constantly telling me to "leave them alone--their not yours"! Sigh!!!


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BTW, Sidney--I'm not sure I've seen you "shining" around this forum before! If you've been posting
and I'm just clueless about it, I want to still "WELOME" you aboard the great ship of Hosta Holics!
Looks to me, by your page and collection, that you will fit right in, having something in common with
each and every one of us, in some way!!! :o)

Glad to see your "light" shine! And, again--WELCOME!

One "candle" to "another",

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Thank you Janice! I have been in and out of the forum for a few years now. I love to soak up all I can from the sharp brains and years of experience represented here.

I didn't get online much last year because I was working on my garden paths. We had strong wind storms in the spring. My friend had an old hickory tree fall on her barn. The barn was totally destroyed and she had to put up another barn.. The old barn was made of those old half blocks. She was going to dump them and I asked her if I might have them. She was so happy to get rid of them that she stacked them up and all I had to do was go after 600-700 half blocks. You know the old saying . . someone's junk is another's gold. . .I was in hog heaven. . lol

Thanks for the welcome. . I missed everyone. . .you all know how to support one so well in an addiction. . er. . a. . collection. . .

Sidney, face up towards the Sonshine

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I'm "soaking" too, Sidney--it's a good day to do that!

I love how you said "all I had to do was go after 600-700 half-blocks!" Good grief! I know your back
had to be aching and hurting you doing that and then "doing that" to finish your project!

I'm paying the price, right now, for not seeing any task too much for me to tackle! I may have a torn
rotator-cuff,(to be confirmed by MRI next week) to have repaired in a few weeks! Sigh!!!!
I need to accept the fact that I'm not half the woman I use to be, in strength and ability, but yet,
at least as much as a 25% more in size! That much is very apparent, though!LOL and GROAN!!

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Aw Janice. . we're putting you on our prayer list. . You weren't by any chance praying for patience, were ya. . lol
I really feel for you with the spring coming on and all. .

I showed/trained/raised horses for thirty years and I never realize I was just training myself for hosta gardening. . lol
We used to put up about 1500 bales of hay a year. . I hated hay season. . lol
I sure am glad I did that sort of stuff now though. . it helps me in my old age. lol... .
I moved six truck loads of dirt, 12 loads of mulch, and all those bricks last year. My neighbors think I am crazy. . all that work. . in the hot weather, too. On top of that, I go out in the mornings in my nightie and take pictures of my plants. I'm trying to discpline myself to dressing first so I don't have to duck behind things when a car goes by. . .lol. . besides that . . you know you'll pull a weed or two . . maybe move a bucket or rock while you are out there. . I've ruined more nighties that way. . .

I know what you mean though. Nowadays, I pace myself a whole lot more, look for better ways to move things, etc. I just knew I needed to keep moving and I didn't like the idea of walking these old country road alone. Soooo I took out the roto-tiller and broke up some side yard. I started to notice hostas. .. well you know what happened after that. . lol
My honey likes it because one acre of yard he used to have to mow is not there anymore. . . I'm fixin' to take more off his hands if I live long enough. . .lol

Let me know how you come out on your doctor appointment. . .that's got to be very painful for you. I dread that sort of thing happening. . .

Sidney, sending hugs and prayers your way

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Oh, Sidney--HOW BLESSED and ENCOURAGED I am, to know you
and others are praying for my "bum wing"!! Thank you SO MUCH!!

Love hearing about your hosta journey!! :O)

I am scheduled for an MRI next week--I'll let you know, as I know! :O)

Thank you so much, again!!


P.S. Another "detail" of prayer requests is that WE will be paying for (and have been since Feb. 1st),
all expenses incurred with this shoulder/arm situation. We changed insurance
coverage from a Cobra Plan to a private plan two days after seeing the doctor about my
problem, so they have disallowed any expenses relating to it!! YIKES!!

Another opportunity to see divine intervention in the meeting of those financial responsibilities! :o)

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I fall frequently, balance and walking problems make gardening a REAL challenge,now!

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Maybe an inner ear problem?

Janice, you are in my prayers as well - for the $$$, the pain, and last but not least - the timing - in the beginning of gardening season! Bummer!

Holy cow, Sidney, you are an iron woman! I feel pathetic just reading about your feats! Nice to know you're a horse lover as well. I had that addiction when I was younger, and I keep praying for some land, so I can expand my gardening addiction, and renew my love for horses. :-) I cracked up on your nightie antics! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who sneaks out in my nightclothes to check on my babies and ends up seeing something that needs to be done, etc etc etc.

- Deanna, also looking forward to someday roaming Heaven's Hosta Patch with THE Master Gardener

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"Another opportunity to see divine intervention "

Oh how true!! And another opportunity to become a "valley of Baca" to another sojourner. One thing I know sure. . is that the One you lean on has never been sued for "non support!" Twenty five years ago I was so sick that the quality of my life was in question. I asked the Lord for a word, a mantle of hope to wrap my self in. Later that day I was leaning on a rake (I shouldn't even been out there in the first place) Two bible pages blew by my feet. I bent and picked them up and circled was "Psalm 118:17.. . I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord." Most people think you are nuts if you tell them this, but I tell you with my hand raised that that is exactly what happened. My health started to steadily improve from that point on. Today I can put in a good days work for an ole gal. . lol
I have put you and Lindabeth on our prayer groups list. My heart goes out to you two both right now and will stand with you in prayer. It's always darkest before the dawn. I'm reminded of that when I see hosta Dawn's Early Light. . .I put her in a special place of early morning sun. . she is a special hosta to me.

Deanna. . .you made me feel so much better. . another hosta lady that runs out early morning in her nightie to see her lovies . . .Isn't it strange how fast time passes before you realize you have ruined another nightie. . lol
I get in the house and honey says, I see we have another "hosta nightie" for the rag bag? Cheeky man. . .but he sure can make a mean omelet. . .

I'm pledging to do better this year. . .

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Hey, Sidney--I love what you have shared. I'd love to get an email from you.
Would you drop me a line, please?

janice (known to have ruined sleeping attire, as well, in my early morning hosta-hovering!)

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