Look at those gorgeous eyes!

funnthsun z7A - Southern VAFebruary 3, 2014

It was a nice day today here, the sun was peeking out a bit and it was warmer, so, of course, I was out inspecting everything (at a safe distance, of course--no worries, Ken). Thought I'd share a pic of Luna Moth and the fact that she seems to be chomping at the bit ready to go when spring gets here! How many eyes do you count? Oh, man, oh man!!!

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Heres the image via flicker for those who like to zoom in:

Thinking about switching to flickr, we shall see...

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Uhmmmm....nope, no eyes here yet.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

LOL, that was just too perfect. Well done, jonny!

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Plenty of ice here too.

.......Oh.....EYES. Sorry.

Nope, none of those yet.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

It is considered cruel and unusual punishment for those in warm climates to post pictures of emerging plants which could possibly be viewed by those who are still digging out from yesterdays blizzard and are expecting another major storm tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be the 6th snow event in the last two weeks.

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Harryshoe, I know what you mean....but your day will come....I hear that southern New Hampshire is clocked to get about 14 inches of snow tomorrow....or am I dreaming.

One thing, you have eyes up in NC, and we're a lot further south than that, and I see nothing yet. Maybe I need to remove some leaves and go poking around some pots. We had 3 days of sleet, ice, and the coup de gras was snow, staying the unheard of 3 days....extremely cold for us. I don't like to get cold feet, so I'm staying indoors until the ground dries out and gets warm again. There are bluebirds going in and out of the nestbox, perhaps making a new pine straw nest--it's not breeding season yet!

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Harry, too funny! I thought you guys were supposed to live vicariously and all, until spring broke for you?? Did I get that wrong?? Heck, I do it all the time, drooling over all those mature hostas that everyone else has.

Mocc, only my biggest hostas have eyes visible, not others. Also, I did a fair amount of "poking around" to find those :) I just can't stand not inspecting everything to death. Guacamole is showing eyes, too, it's my biggest and oldest hosta. Also, Stained Glass, if I remember correctly, had a few showing. Just eyes, not pips! They've probably been that way for a while.

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Eyes still pending here as well. : )

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

We are in the process of getting 12 inches of snow, no hosta pips here yet. Squirrels moved away, so little danger of pips eaten off this spring. Bernd

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zkathy z7a NC(7a NC)

Look what you have done. They have sent their snow ghouls down here to get us!

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It's been miserable here, too. I heard on the radio (George Ray McEachern, the retired fruit and nut specialist from A&M) that we have had the most number of "chilling hours" this year that has ever been recorded. We have had the equivalent of an Oklahoma City winter. It sure seems like we've had a lot this year.

I checked So Sweet, which is always the first to show it's head. There was one purple eye about 1/2 " high. I covered it back up with leaves and said, "Please don't come up yet".

There hasn't been that much warm weather to stimulate growth. I guess it just thinks it's time.


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Well, lets see what kind of eyes are in my backyard these days...
hmmmm, only these.


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