Jalapeno slices: I don't have 3lbs

got_bullmastiffAugust 11, 2011

Hello all!

Been forever since I posted here.. I have a lot of jalapenos this year but not as many as 3lbs.

I wanted to use the recipe that I've attached below, which calls for 3lbs but I wasn't sure if I should cut the recipe in 1/2 or if I should make the whole batch of pickling liquid and just toss the extra (I hate doing that)

Also, I'm planning on putting these in 1/2 pint jars. I'm assuming that would not be a problem..

Lastly, I'm assuming the lime soak keeps them crisp?

I'd love some imput. I did search the forum and there was a lot of info on jalapenos.. but I didn't see anything on this specific recipe.

I do have a recipe for a smaller batch in my "small batch preserving" book but that one calls for seeding and slicing in strips.. I don't think I like that look so much.. plus seeds add a nice spice!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pickled Jalapenos

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It is absolutely no problem making proportionately the correct amounts of vinegar, water, salt, and spices in the jars that you need. The main thing I would do far differently is completely skip the liming evolution - nowadays the exact same effect can be gotten from using Pickle Crisp (calcium chloride), put directly in the cold pack jars with the pepper slices and spices, just before pouring the boiling brine solution over the peppers in the jars. This eliminates the danger in working with lime, plus the additional days and hours working with processing the peppers in the brine, rinsing, soaking, etc. With PC, you just put everything in the jar, pour in the boiling brine, and process in the boiling water bath. It's always good when I can complete everything within a couple hours after work.

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And of course I bought pickling lime already.. I've never ever made pickles before so I just rolled with it.

So essentially, make the recipe as is, eliminate the soaking, add pickle crisp to the jars with the spices... (how much? are there amounts on the container of pickle crisp?)
Now I'm excited!!!

Thanks for the help

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You can also try a home brewing place. They sell calcium chloride too and apparently it's cheaper than "Pickle Crisp" just with out the name.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

Calcium Chloride is perfectly fine to use but the granules are often larger than those of the branded Pickle Crisp, so you have to alter the amounts.

There are several threads with recommendations on proportions and tips for most effective use.


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The PC jar says 1/4 tsp per qt., 1/8 tsp per pint. Doesn't take much.

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