Haven't we met before?

mdahms1979March 27, 2012

An interesting thing happened recently. I have had a suspicion that two unidentified Hoya species I had in my collection were close relatives. Both plants budded up at the same time and then they both opened their flowers within less than an hour of each other today. Both plants had a very intense spicy scent initially which has slowly become more sweet smelling. The flowers are only different in colour and size. The leaves of both plants are very similar with only superficial differences including the level of both the shininess and amount of flecking, leaf shape is the same.

This is Hoya sp Palawan GPS 9057 which came from Paul Shirley's collection. I have had this plant for several years and although it is quite large this is only the second time it has bloomed for me.

This is Hoya sp Estrella Waterfall IML 1256 from David Liddle's collection. Estrella waterfall is located on the Philippine Island of Palawan. This is the first blooming for this particular plant and I expect to see a higher number of flowers as the plant matures.

A couple of comparison photos.

It is now obvious that these are two collections of the same species instead of two unique species. Hoya sp Estrella Waterfall is the smaller and much greener flower in both photos.


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Great pictures Mike, as always!

Thank you for sharing!

Have a great day


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My plans for this weekend:
Potting up sp. Estrella Waterfall & GPS #9057 together....

Thanks, Mike for the heads up!

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Thanks Mitzi :)

Laura you must be getting low on growing space? I'll be keeping my plants separate because it makes trading much easier. I am a huge fan of both plants but the green colour form is especially nice and I assume would be more in demand.

*** Any Canadians who are looking for Hoyas message me as a friend is getting out of the hobby. ***


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Thanks Mike for "eye candy", love the greener one!
I'm enjoing your pictures while my babies are growing. Hope that spring will bring more great photos from you :o)


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lol I had the same reaction to Laura's post. You're harsh, man! It's like potting all the pottsii's together! They are discernible even if they are the same species. I have a favorite, but I'm not saying which...

This does make me feel a little better about my beloved Estrella blooming cream in Florida conditions, though. In a weird way. Honestly, to me this is good news. Two collections of a species I am gaga for. Trade me some GPS 9057! The man I marry will smell just like this plant.

jk ;)

p's. Thanks for the great analysis and pictures, Mike. If there was a Hoya Heroes calendar you'd be on it. Wow, wait, no, let's not invent that calendar. Ouch. My brain is seriously misbehaving right now.

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Aggie I have another interesting one in bud right now. I have not been photographing the rebloomers though, just not enough time.

GG I absolutely love the scent of this Hoya. Right now that crazy Hoya with 30 peduncles worth of flowers is blooming again and it's really stinking up the apartment. The sp 9057 and Estrella are being drown out by a sickly sweet musky scent.
You know I seem to remember that the Gesneriads made it across the boarder just fine, why not risk a little piece of Hoya?
A Hoya Hero calendar sounds hilarious as long as there are not super hero costumes involved. Ha ha


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This forum is a bad influence ;) Just when I thought that 25 hoya plants in less than a year it's enough, that it's time to pay more attention to back yard, got my gardenia blooms to open and adeniums re potted, you show me another hoya I really like!!!

Thanks Mike! :o)

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Ahh, crap. Busted. Big time. Read my mind... I WAS thinking of lumping my pottsii-s together, too. *blush*
Lumping Estrella with sp. Palawan was more palatable than giving one away.... *sniff-sniff*

How did you guys get to know me so well, anyway?

Just potted up 'RHP' with a no_id pubicalyx, too... Getting desperate!

YES it IS a space issue. My darling fiance is NOT going with the idea to adding a growing rack into our bedroom, in front of the south window.

Can anyone HELP!?!

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LOL Well maybe you could keep them individually labeled even from within group pots. Like with those little .

Well it depends on what his objections are. Does he just generally disapprove of the time/financial investment you are making in your plants? Or, does he want to have an aesthetically 'normative' home (aka not full to the brim with plants.) Or, does he simply want personal access to the window, you know, to look out of and enjoy sunshine from. :P

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Laura, if you have a space problem now what are you going to do with the ones coming your way


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A very interesting post, Mike, thank you for sharing!

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How about if you set up some fluorescents under the bed...! Totally underutilized grow space!

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I really thought I'd be able to use my bedroom window... Maybe I will just yet...
I think I have a wee bit more room yet. I want to get some more baskets going, and use awkward window space in that way.

Also looking for the wire closet shelves, to make racks in front of other windows...

Maybe I'll bring my giant carnosa to work? That will free up some space for sure!

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Mike fantastic comparison shots! Luv the more vivid green on the Hoya sp Estrella Waterfall!!

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GG I'm not sure if growing a sprawling Hoya carpet under the bed is a great idea or the epitome of the phrase plant crazed. I kinda wish you never planted that thought in my head. LOL

Laura doesn't your man know that light is for PLANTS! Just make up some excuse about faded furniture and then start hanging those plants up. :)

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.


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LOL I enjoy putting those little brain weevils out there.

Faded furniture... that's a good one!

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Oh,man! If he comes home to a Hoya carpet under our bed, he will skip biscuits! LOL! (:-D) (:-P)

Already have a compacta hanging in the bedroom window, but I need to find a way to fit more.

I'll figure something just yet!

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