Hoya pseudo littoralis

patrick51(5)March 12, 2010

Hello everyone! I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about this hoya...of course I did a lot of searching and found nothing...not even a picture! There's one on Ebay and I'd like any information that you may have before I take the plunge. The picture from Ebay looks absolutely gorgeous; but pictures can be deceiving. Thanks for any assistance you can offer me! Fondly, Patrick

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)
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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Patrick, I saw that on Ebay...it looks really NICE! Love the yellow/pinkish leaves.

Great hoya detective work Kelly, I think that might be it 'anulata'.

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tishfromwis(z5 WI)

I saw it too and thought it was pretty with the pink and yellow leaves. I'm also in love with one of his/her hoyas for auction. It started at $9.99 and was bidded on and sold. He/she has another one for auction, but it is starting at $19.99!!! I was going to bid on the next one they put up for auction, but I just don't know if I can go that high with shipping to boot!!! Oh well, nice to look at and dream...


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Kelly...thanks so much for your investigative work....however, H. psuedo literalis is Not H. anulata...H. anulata is synonymous with H. poolei. Check the ThailandHoyaClub website on Yahoo for side-by-side pictures of psuedo literalis and anulata...very different. Anulata has basically green leaves with touches of red and the blooms differ visually from pseudo literalis. Check the website for some awesome pictures of h. pseudo literalis...but, don't look until after the auction ends!!LOL I really appreciate your efforts, Kelly, if I hadn't searched for H. anulata I'd never have found this Thai site....though it gives me zero information on the plant...I'm basically wanting to know if it's grown like H. imbricata or something else that would prohibit from spending the money on it. I'd like to know if it has to be mounted or terrarium-grown or is grown like most other hoyas. H. anulata prefers low light and will even bloom in the shade...H. pseudo literalis likes bright light and shows its remarkable colouration when the temperatures are cool. The Thai site was all in Thai...only the plant names were in English...and it took forever to bring up all of the many pictures. The plant on Ebay is listed for $20...no bidders yet, and $30 shipping (EMS), so I just want to be sure it's not one of those "difficult" hoyas before I spend the money. I truly want to thank you for your help!! Fondly, Patrick

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My book The Genus Hoya lists Hoya pseudolittoralis and Hoya poolei as names that have been applied to Hoya anulata in the horticultural trade. I looked up Hoya annulata in Hoyas of North eastern New Guinea as well but there were no species names listed as synonyms. The Simones Hoyas site Kelly listed lists Hoya pseudolittoralis, Hoya poolei, Hoya alata and Hoya schlechteriana as synonyms of the accepted name for this species Hoya anulata.

I got a small plant of Hoya anulata last summer and I liked it right away. The leaves turn red easily and they are nice and shiny. The flowers are said to smell like coconut and that was the main reason I decided I needed to try growing this Hoya.


Here is a link that might be useful: English translation of Simones Hoyas page

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Mike...thanks so much for your information....I truly appreciate it. I believe this is yet another of those hoyas that people can lump together due to their resemblance...but, those resemblances can change according to environment. I appreciate the Thai website as it clearly shows the two plants and their differences...anulata can become reddish, pseudoliteralis is yellowish and peach with red. The corollas also differ. I truly don't know who's right, but the pictures provided on the Thai site make me think this is a "must have" hoya...if it turns out to be just another red hoya, I'll be very regretful. Again, thanks a million, Mike! Fondly, Patrick

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Patrick those are the descriptions of Hoya anulata that were published by different people at different times (Hoya pseudolittoralis C. Norman 1937 etc)
but ultimately they are all one species which is Hoya anulata because Hoya anulata was the first name given to this species when it was formally described in 1905 by Schlechter. The other names if you see them on a price list or a tag in a pot are invalid and Hoya anulata would be the proper name to use.


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LOVE this hoya !!!

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