Daisy Doolittle, is it fragrant or not?

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)February 10, 2013

I was checking all the catalogs for descriptions of this small hosta, including MyHostas.be website.

Daisy Doolittle is included in Bob Solberg's catalog this year but does not mention fragrance. Unknown heritage. Neither does MyHosta.BE mention fragrance. Neither does HOSTAFINDER 2013 indicate "f" for fragrant--but then it leaves off the "f" from several hosta known or shown as fragrant in other literature.

So. My question is for those who grow this small hosta. Have you noticed fragrance with Daisy Doolittle?

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

The registry lists it as fragrant.


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It's on Don Rawson's list of fragrant hosta.

Don B.

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Josh Spece

To my knowledge, it is not fragrant. It would be a big deal if it was, as it would be the smallest fragrant hosta.

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Josh, I was wondering after I looked at Bob Solberg's description of it, because he says that Sugar Babe is the SMALLEST FRAGRANT HOSTA. ( I have it, it is small.)

I know that Don Rawson's list of Fragrant Flowered Hosta has Daisy Dolittle listed as fragrant--perhaps because as SteveMass points out, it is listed as fragrant in its registration.

However, another anomaly.....on his website, Bob Solberg is mum about its fragrant virtues. Implying there are none? Because he does a lot of work with the fragrant hosta. That's what prompted my question.

I'm just curious, trying to bring myself a little peace, since I might have to acquire Daisy if she has a fragrance.

Once I get all the less costly fragrant ones, and my garden is full, and I only can buy a couple a year, that's when I'll seek out the costlier hosta....won't hurt as much that way.
That's my plan and I'm stickin' to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: HostaLibrary: D....look for Daisy Dolittle

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Josh Spece

I'm sure if it was fragrant, Bob would have mentioned it.

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