Another Q RE kerrii

_Julie_March 1, 2011

Hi All;

I've noticed that my kerrii has a few spots on it that almost look like someone splashed off-white-grey paint on a few of the leaves. It doesn't look like sunburn to me. It's not heaviest on, or secluded to, leaves that have gotten the most intense light. Some of the spots are even on the underside of leaves. It also doesn't look/act like any kind of bug problem. It hasn't changed or gotten worse in the past few days even though I have done nothing to "treat" it. A kerrii is a pretty easy one to inspect, and there is absolutely no sign at all of any little creatures living on it. I've seen a spider mite before, so I have an idea of how tiny pests can be :)


Thanks much,


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Hey Julie,
I am sure that someone with some experience growing Kerrii will post. I unfortunately do not grow her at this time. I do notice that behavior on some of my other Hoyas, in particular some Carnosa. I don't think it is anything to worry about.Maybe once your Kerrii flourishes we can make some trades so I can speak from experience. LOL

Do you have any pics?

Best of Luck,

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Julie many Hoyas show this type of colouration on their leaves and it is natural. Some types show speckles while others look like splashes or streaks of paint than can be white, grey/silver or pinkish.


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Hi David; Interesting that you've seen it in your carnosa. My carnosa just grew a solid pink leaf; it's adorable! :)

BTW, I would love to trade cuttings when my kerrii is thriving!

Hey Mike; Thanks for the input! Do you happen to know anything about what might encourage or discourage that coloring?

Thank you both! :)

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Some Hoyas seem to develop the markings due to sun exposure and some of the Hoya pubicalyx cultivars in particular can develop heavily marked leaves. I grow my Hoya pubicalyx in bright light so it has fairly even markings, can't remember if shadier conditions cause less or more markings? The plain green form of Hoya carnosa has white/silver marks on the leaves while a cultivar exists called Grey Ghost that has solid silver/grey leaves because they are so heavily marked. Several Hoyas come in a plain green form as well as a speckled or spotted form and Hoya obovata and lacanosa are two that are quite common.


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Thanks Mike :) I'm not very fond of it....

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