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don_in_coloradoFebruary 15, 2014

...This is a new source (for me) that I'm going to put an order together for spring...Was wondering if anyone has 'MOONLIGHT MIRAGE'? Mocc, forgive me for singling you out, but being a fragrant enthusiast/maniac etc., If you don't have it, is this one on your list to buy from Glenbrook? 'Cause it's in my cart, along with 'Stingray', 'Peter the Rock' and 'Sweet Sunshine' so far. It's gonna take me a while to peruse the entire hosta catalog, so please do let me know of anything that jumps out at you. Thanks!

Don B.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Don the cart I made last night to finish this morning timed out on me after about 6 hrs. Be sure to make an account first. Oh darn I had to start over. Ok so I am easily enabled. Paula

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I don't have Sweet Sunshine but I have two sports of it, Sugar Snap (love, love) and Sun Kissed (jury is still out on this one). Sugar Snap has set seed and my DH is growing them. Fragrant flowers but earlier than my other fragrant hosta, late July vs. August for me. I am thinking about Sweet Sunshine to round out the trio.


Sugar Snap, 2nd year, under a red maple so probably smaller than it should be.

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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

This is my first year ordering from Glenbrook Farms, also. I have a handful on order with them and I was able to get one that has been on my list for a couple of years now, Niko. It's an oldie, but I have wanted it for a while now. The pics of it are either wowser good or ho-hum, so I decided to give it a whirl and see how it does here for me. Love the library pic of the close-up leaf (of course, it's a library pic!), it's a streaker. Most growers don't have it, but Glenbrook did. So, of course, since I'm paying for shipping anyway, might as well add a few others to get my money's worth! We shall see how it does....

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Funnthsun, I hear you about 'Niko', if it does well, it'll be fantastic, I'm still deciding if I'll get it...But it certainly is stunning, and I've done well with the 'fortunei' family, so I'm very tempted.

Beverly, thanks for the pic, it's looking good...

Paula, darn! You have to look at the catalog again? Heh heh heh...

Don B.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Don, thanks for the info. I just placed a small order (only 5-Blue Haired Lady, Chopsticks, Frost Giant, Bridal Falls, and Pocketful of Sunshine).

Done with winter now, ready for spring! At this point, don't need to be home for any more snow days when there is little to do other than buy hosta!


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'Chopsticks' I like, as well as 'Frost Giant' and certainly 'Bridal Falls' --A variegated 'Niagara Falls'?-- That's for me! I'm getting an 'Ani Machi' finally after passing over it in so many other orders.

And thanks to you as well, Cyn, for more ideas on what to order : )

Have Fun,
Don B.

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Don, I read your post, my ears perked up, my nose twitched, my credit card got hot in my pocket, and suddenly I was saying hello to Glenbrook. How in the world could this be my first encounter with the nursery of Viktoria Serafin?

So yes, I now have Moonlight Mirage,and White Triumphator on order from her. There is a sport of White Triumphator on First Look 14 that is hot stuff, vase shaped, ruffled, AND fragrant....Glen F..... is the name, cannot remember the last word. Those two were the only ones I ordered at this time.

Not saying I'm done....just saying I will wait a while because the contractor is getting the building permit soon, and I HOPE the remodel is done before the northern nurseries begin shipping.

Also, I did some research on new fragrant flowered hosta, and sent a list of suggestions to Don Rawson. You'd be surprised how many fragrants are hitting the nurseries these days. Some have been in the pipeline for a long time.

Don, you asked one time how many different fragrant hosta I have. Today I counted the unique names (counting each variety as ONE, no matter if I have 8 of that one) from Don's list, I have 119. Most of them do well here--at least better than average.

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Someone did mention Chopsticks and its a good performer. Its the first hosta my DH picked out.

Edited to remove a comment that belongs on another thread.

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bernd ny zone5

moccasin, you wrote "how many different fragrant hosta I have. .......Most of them do well here--at least better than average."
You are right! As I understand all fragrant hostas come from 'plantaginea'. Tony Avent writes : 'Hosta plantaginea is also the southern most naturally occurring hosta species making it more heat loving than other members of the genus.' Bernd

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The Victoria Serafin/Glenbrook introduction now at $175 on the FirstLook14 auction is named 'Glen Fetish' and it is well worth taking a look. You will swoon when you see it.

It is GORGEOUS no two ways about it.
It is FRAGRANT.....because it is from White Triumphator.
Can we hope it is also fertile both ways? The trifecta of hostadom.

I hope to catch up with Glen Fetish after it is generally available. The name reminds me of a fine old Scotch, if you get what I mean. I'm already thinking of names for sports from this one.....something like Glen Fiddich (especially if it is gold turning orange in the fall).....

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119, Mocc? Wow! I'd love to take a walk in the Back40!

Don B.

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DonGuac, right now not so pretty. But give me to the end of April or Mother's Day, and it will be taking shape. You know it is so nice to share the beauty with those who appreciate it. While my friends were amazed at the hosta garden last year, they did not know a hosta from an elephant ear or aspidistra.

Like Phil in NC, I really really would like to share my hosta ambiance with another hostaphile some day. So if you are down this way, driving through to Gulf Shores or the Florida beaches or a cruise out of Miami or Cape Canaveral for a space launch, we could do coffee or tea and biscotti or scones out among the hosta. Presently I have a bistro table and two chairs waiting for some dreamy fragrant afternoon occasion.....

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Don, wanted to make sure you got a sport of your beloved Guacamole. H. 'Mariachi' is registered, and it is said to be
"Chimeral reversal of 'Guacamole'.

So, if that interests you, go for it. It came to me last year, and grew very fast. The HostaLibrary pictures are of my plant. Note that it flushed a lot of new leaves, all in beautiful condition. It was the standout plant from that order. Very worthwhile I'm thinking. The two HL photos were taken in July, the one below is September when it is in bloom. Go for it!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Wow, Mocc...that's a looker!!! I also just finished re-reading last September's thread on this very hosta, just to get reacquainted with it. Sure looks like a the silky/satiny look of the leaves...and nothing beats them white blossoms!

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Oh, that plant interests me, alright...'Mariachi' looks great!

Don B.

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You know, I am out of "fresh" postings, so I was revisiting a this one.

The picture of Mariachi's flower scape, that fully open blossom, it looks like a gardenia, and I caught the fragrance with my memory.

Don't forget another Guac sport, Quesadilla! Good for Guacamole!

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Who is stocking 'Quesadilla' Mocc? That is one I also would love to get. I first became aware of 'Guacamole and Sour Cream', another streaked sport. I'll buy either one. : )

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5

With the fragrants / plantaginea we have great plants for sunny locations. I got my second 'Avocado' and 'Fried Bananas' last year from Glenbrook, nice plants, looking forward to see them this year again. Bernd

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Don, m'boy, Quesadilla is in the cat of LOTG. Order quickly.

(And so is Snake Eyes @$18, the outstanding latest from the Striptease line. Babka had it displayed on her deck bleachers last year, if you recall.)

As a first class Enabler, I'd be remiss if I did not mention BOTH.
Do them together for ONE SHIPPING FEE. HA!

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Bernd, I keep forgetting that besides having fragrance, the plantaginea family has good sun tolerance, which makes it good up your way--even if the season is not long enough to let it dependably set seed.

With some "new" fragrant varieties hitting the nurseries this year, my cup runneth over. I was not planning to get but a few items--so much for good intentions.

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