hoya bella

erwinusMarch 29, 2013

I'd like to know if i can place my hoya bella above central heating?

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It seems like a bad idea to me. Bella is so sensitive to drying out I think you would end up compounding the problem. Plus, it is a cool range Hoya, and you might not get as many blooms if your plant isn't exposed to some cooler temperatures.

Just some thoughts - I would pick a different Hoya if I really wanted to put one in such a tough spot. Good luck!

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I probably wouldn't put any plant in the direct line of fire from a heat vent, but having a vent nearby probably won't hurt anything. For me, I guess it would depend on a few factors. In my house (an old house), all of my heat vents are against interior walls, so a plant above them would be far from a window. But if a vent was under a window, I would find a way to have SOME plant there because I use every inch of window space in my house. But I'd probably pick some very succulent plant rather than a Hoya. I grow a Cissus that would be fine over a vent (I'll include a photo). But a Hoya may not be too thrilled to have heat or cold blowing on it...

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Denise. I'm wondering about the plant you posted a picture of. It looks similar to epiphyllum I have. So I googled Cissus and it gave me a woody vined plant. Is there more to the name? I like yours and just wondered if it had blooms.

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Hi Teisa,

It's Cissus quadrangularis. There are a plethura of Cissus, a lot of them not succulent - the very common Grape Ivy is a Cissus. They're all climbing plants. This one gets little grape leaf shaped leaves at the joints - one per joint, then drops them in winter. I've never seen it bloom. I grow it for it's "weirdness" quality. I grow another form that's similar but even bigger - C. cactiformis...
Cactiformis is a more aggressive climber and there came a point when I had to whack mine back as it had overtaken one end of a set of shelves in my GH. You can see those little leaves on this one. They're really easy to start from a segment. Both of mine were started from a single segment and they can eventually reach the floor (or ceiling, in the case of cactiformis), so you can quickly end up with a big ol' potful in a matter of just a few years!

Denise in Omaha

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That's rather amazing. I have Cissus adnata, it's also a native here. Looking at it and your Cissus you wouldn't believe they were in the same genus. About the only thing they appear to have in common is that they're both plants, LOL..

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