Anyone hang Hoyas outside during summer

teisa(6)March 5, 2013

I am considering hanging some Hoyas outside this summer. I have a covered front porch that has a high pitched roof. Has anyone tried hanging them under roof on the inside of the porch? Or should I hang it from the edge of porch and use some sort of sun shade? I appreciate any input on this. What has worked/ or not.

I also have a potting shed ( existing when bought house). That I've never used except for storage. It is in a partial shaded area. Think that would work
better?? I am just afraid of burning them. I accidentally left a Krimson Princess outside after watering it one morning. The leaves burnt to a crisp!

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Hi Teisa,
You should put them out for the summer. They love it. I'm not sure about your porch or shed lighting (I put mine on shelves in the shade here in Michigan.) Try what you think is best and, if it's not working to your expectations, tweak it a bit. There's some wonderful pics here on the forum where hoyas summer outside and do beautifully, many with loads of blooms!


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My plan is to put EVERYthing out this summer so I can scrub my greenhouse into clean perfection. I don't normally put very many of my Hoyas out because aphids are such an issue here, but I plan to treat them all with BATS. I'm hoping it will make it a great year for blooms!

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Teisa,
I put my hoyas outside in the summer too, they love it. I have an over hang in front of my glass sliding door and that's where I hang some of them. This is an ideal spot as they're not in direct sun. So, I agree with Denise and Gail put your hoyas outside this summer, just make sure they're not in too sunny of a spot.
alba in CA

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I also place mine outside during the summer. My H. carnosa 'Krimson Queen' tripled in size last year from being placed outdoors. Now that it's potbound, I'm hoping for some blooms this year *crosses fingers* Mine received some morning sun (no later than 11 am) and a little bit of afternoon sun (not more than an hour... come July/August, I have to move it, the sun is too intense). You might have to move yours around a little bit to find the "right" place for it. I'm limited as we live in an apartment. I water in the morning myself, but I make sure the leaves are completely dried out before allowing any sunlight to hit it.


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I live in NY and put mine outside every season from the moment the warm airs sets in until the chill hits the air in the fall. I protect most of them from direct sun and they absolutely flourish! There is nothing like fresh air and water!

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All my plants go outside for the Summer. We have a covered porch, North facing, and I put my plants out there. They don't get any direct sunlight except for early morning and maybe an hour or so in late afternoon. Last summer they all loved it!! They told me this morning they can't wait to get out again!! ;)


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All mine go under my dog wood tree and other bushes.

For some Hoya that many say can take a few years to flower, mine flower within a year or two from just cuttings.
They flourish outside for sure!


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MIne go outside each year, too. I posted photos on here a long time ago of the little wooden porch where I hang/set them. They get some sun/bright, indirect light (western exposure), and they do indeed, love it. My fungii bloomed for the first time while it was outside last summer. I'm hoping to see more this year as well :-).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I'm no expert in growing plants outdoors, but I wanted to mention that if you do have a riskier spot, put wayetii in it. I grew mine last summer in direct western sun and it survived.

Now, I wouldn't recommend that you do that exact thing... it was more of an experiment than anything and I felt bad stressing the plant out. But it was cool how it grew a ton and the leaves were very red and canoed almost completely closed.

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Thank you everyone. Ive definately got some ideas. I'm gonna give it a whirl this summer. I want to first try hanging them under the roof of the high pitch. But I have also looked at getting a shade cloth! I will try the wayetti, I would love to see the red tones come out!!

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I plan to put most of my Hoyas outdoors this summer. Either they will be up against the back of my house (north exposure), or put underneath some fruit trees that I have to avoid direct sun.

BTW, I have an Eirostemma (Ruthie? I'm really not sure) that is growing upstairs with an east facing window on a window sill, and a Lauterbachii that I just put there. Ruthie seems to like where she's at so I'll leave her be.

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